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Hybrid grass is a type of turf known as reinforced natural grass and has been preferred over artificial turf in football in recent years. Hybrid turf technology developed as a result of efforts to improve the quality of football has become the favorite ground of football.
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What is Hybrid Grass?

Hybrid grass is a type of sports field ground that is formed as a result of combining artificial turf and natural turf. As a result of planting natural grass seeds and artificial grass threads together on the ground, natural grass leaves that grow over time form a solid and durable ground type by clinging to artificial grass. The hybrid turf field is called a reinforced natural turf field, and this new turf technology is the most used carpet field floor type all over the world.

Today, many sports clubs change their artificial turf astroturf floors to hybrid turf. One of the most important reasons for the widespread use of hybrid grass as a football ground is that natural grass is a suitable ground type for football. However, the longevity of natural grass and the high maintenance cost necessitated the development of artificial turf.

In time, other alternatives have been started to be considered instead of artificial turf in order to increase the quality of the football ground. As a result of these researches and studies, hybrid grass has emerged.

Hybrid grass is the closest ground type to natural grass and the ground quality is very high because it is reinforced with artificial grass yarns.

So, what are the advantages of hybrid grass? Why should hybrid grass be preferred instead of artificial grass or natural grass? Let’s examine.

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Grass?

One of the biggest reasons for the development of hybrid grass technology is that its advantages are greater than other grass varieties. Here are the advantages of hybrid grass;

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  • When playing football on hybrid grass, you feel safe as if you are on natural turf.

Natural grass seeds in the structure of hybrid grass provide this quality. Hybrid grass floors strengthened with natural grass seeds greatly increase the quality of the game. This ensures that a better quality football is reflected the spectators.

  • Hybrid grass is suitable for use in 4 seasons.

Even in bad weather conditions, hybrid grass is not damaged like natural grass. Because the hybrid grass ground, which clings to the artificial grass threads, is not dislodged even if the weather conditions are bad. This ensures that football is played at its best, even in winter.

  • Hybrid grass easily renews itself.

Natural grass seeds cling to the soil and grow continuously. Natural grass seeds that cling to the soil develop over time and cling to artificial grass threads. The hybrid turf field, powered by both soil and artificial turf, easily renews itself and reflects positively on your maintenance cost.

  • If you are looking for a multi-purpose field, hybrid grass is the right choice.

Hybrid grass floors are types of floors that allow many activities to be done simultaneously or sequentially. For example, while activities such as concerts and entertainment can be done on your football field, the field can be used for football without any maintenance after these activities.

  • Ground quality is quite high when compared to artificial grass and natural grass.

Hybrid grass, which is a strong combination of natural grass and artificial grass, is suitable for long-term use. For example, hybrid grass pitches provide 4 times more football-playing opportunities when compared to natural grass floors. This reflects positively on both the game quality and your maintenance cost.

  • Hybrid grass maintains its green color in all four seasons.

They are products that do not fade over time due to their artificial turf structure. Artificial turf, which is not affected by sunlight, also increases the quality of hybrid turf. Therefore, hybrid grass emerges as a reinforced product. You, too, will enjoy the visual and quality gameplay of football in 4 seasons.

  • The maintenance cost of hybrid turf fields is very low.

Hybrid turf fields are combined with natural turf due to the low maintenance cost of artificial turf. In this way, while providing natural grass quality with sports lovers, extra expenses will be prevented with low maintenance costs.

  • Hybrid grass has successfully passed the FIFA standards compliance tests.

Hybrid im has the status of natural grass according to the standards set by FIFA and has been accepted as 100% natural grass. FIFA is the organization that wants football standards to be realized at the highest level and has accepted hybrid grass as the most suitable ground type for football.

  • At the same time, football training can be done on hybrid grass fields.

Sports clubs using hybrid turf fields do not need a separate training ground. Because the game quality is very high in hybrid turf. This is the most important reason why it can also be used as a training ground.

Sports Clubs Using Hybrid Turf in the World

Hybrid turf has become the most commonly used football ground in the world. In this context, we have listed the football clubs that use hybrid turf for you.

  • Galatasaray / Turkey
  • Fenerbahce/ Turkey
  • Arsenal / England
  • Manchester City/England
  • Manchester United/England
  • Newcastle/England
  • Everton/England

The clubs we have mentioned above are only a few of the sports clubs that use hybrid turf. With the use of hybrid turf that is increasing day by day, the quality of sports is also increasing and it provides a more successful display of football.

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Hybrid grass FAQ

When playing football on hybrid grass, you feel safe as if you are on natural turf. Natural grass seeds in the structure of hybrid grass provide this quality. Hybrid grass floors strengthened with natural grass seeds greatly increase the quality of the game.

Hybrid grass means reinforced natural grass. It consists of combining artificial grass and natural grass leaves. In other words, hybrid grass contains both natural grass seeds and artificial grass leaves. In this way, both the comfort of natural grass and the durability of artificial grass are provided on the ground.

The hybrid pitch cost varies depending on the field size and the quality of the hybrid turf used. In this context, the quality of the grass to be used should be considered when purchasing hybrid turf systems. You can contact Ekip Grass for hybrid turf field cost and you can own the best quality fields.

Hybrid turf can be applied to the fields where all turf sports, especially football, are made. Other than football hybrid grass systems used in rugby, american football, and cricket. Also it can be used for events and concerts.

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