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Football Tactics

Football is a sport that needs skilled players. However, it is not enough just to be talented while playing football. Football tactics are tactics applied during the match and used to gain superiority over the opponent. Many football formation tactics have been created from the past to the present. Tactics such as VERROU and WM, which are among the best football techniques, have been replaced by different new tactics over time. Some teams use football tactics best today. For example, the Gegenpressing tactic that we will talk about below is a method that has become synonymous with the Liverpool team.


Accordingly, when the developing and changing football tactics over time were solved by the opponent teams, tactics were developed instead and today’s football tactics are still being developed.

Now we will examine what are the best football tactics of all time. In addition, you can get detailed information by reading the Jonathan Wilson book, titled History of Football Tactics.

What is the Best Football Tactic?

First of all, to apply football tactics well, the construction of the Soccer pitch should be carried out professionally. Because the best football is played on quality synthetic pitches and the best football tactics are performed on these fields. Let’s get started now.

Top 10 Football Tactics

  1. VERROU tactic

The Verrou tactic is also known as Catenaccio. It appears as a tactic based entirely on scoring the opponent. Verrou means to lock in French, and the goal in this tactic is to lock the opponent’s goal and score. With this tactic, 6-7 strikers surrounded the opponent’s goal.

Among the remaining players, 1 player was the last Libero player and the other 3 players continued as the defender. This soccer tactic was based on symmetry, and the 7 players in the forward would constantly move in symmetry with each other.

As time passed, Italians found a more advanced form of this tactic, emphasizing that the goal is not only to score goals but also to position the players in the defense area. At this point, Italian soccer tacticians developed the 1-3-3-3 tactic and defeated Verrou’s tactics greatly.

  1. WM Tactic

As can be seen from the image, the WM application applied with a 3-2-2-3 sequence is a very effective and successful method. Especially in the 1950s, these tactics, which were frequently used in world football, developed over time and took WW and MM names.

In the WM tactic, strikers form the letter W (3-2), while defenders form the letter M (2-3).

The main purpose of the tactic is that 2 defenders try to stop attacks. Among the defensive players who stopped the attacks, the third player behind who took the ball was the Libero player who started the attack by controlling the ball. It forms the letter M of this tactic. In the letter W of the tactic, the strikers took the ball from the Libero and made successful air throws.

The WM tactic, which evolved, was also used for a long time as WW and MM tactics. As can be understood from the letters, the WW tactic was used as 2-3-2-3, and the MM tactic was 3-2-3-2.

  1. Total Football

A total football tactic is a football tactic that is described as expanding the field and narrowing the field. The founder of the Total Football tactic is Rinus Michels. In total football tactics, the aim is to expand the field when the ball is in its own team, and narrow the field when the ball is in the opponent team.

In this way, the opponent team could not dominate the field against you. So, in total football tactics, it is the team that always applies this tactic. The aim is to intimidate the opponent with pressure and score goals.

In this tactic, the 4-3-3 sequence is applied. In the 1970s, this tactic was used very often. Especially the 1974 World Cup was the period when the total football tactic was applied with the greatest success.

This method, which has not been applied in recent years, was used quite successfully in the past. This tactic, which has an aggressive style, is no longer preferred by the clubs.

  1. TIKI TAKA Tactic

The Tiki-Taka tactic, which was invented after the Total Football tactic, is similar to the total football tactic.  This  Tiki-Taka tactic was developed by a student of Rinus Michel named Cruyff.

The Tiki-Taka tactic was based on constant passing between players. The aim was to intimidate and demoralize the opponent by passing constantly. Based on the 4-3-3 system, this tactic is based on scoring goals easier by distracting the opponent.

In particular, Barcelona has achieved great success by applying this tactic for many years.

In the Tiki-Taka tactic, if there is a loss of the ball, the ball is recovered from the opponent team with the sudden press. This tactic is still practiced today. In particular, Pep Guardiola, the manager of the Manchester City team, is one of the most important representatives of the Tiki-Taka tactic.

  1. Kick and Rush Tactic

The Kick and Rush tactic is a system that does not rely on any field lineup. This tactic, which means Hit and Runs, was practiced by the leading teams of English football. The inventors of the Kick and Rush tactic are also British.

In the kick and rush tactic that is still used today, the aim is to score the opponent with long and cross passes. Diagonal passes confuse the opponent, making it easier to score goals against the opponent.

  1. Catenaccio tactic

The catenaccio tactic, which is an improved version of the Verrou and WM systems, is a completely defensive football tactic.

This tactic, played with 5-3-2 field formation, is aimed not to play the opponent team. Especially Italian and Argentine clubs use this tactic frequently.

The aim is to intimidate the players and prevent attacks by completely defending.

5 players, lined up symmetrically in a 25-30 meter field, defend very well and repel the opponent. Inter and Argentina are the best representatives of Catenaccio tactics. It is the best football tactic of the 1960s.

  1. Body Crash Football Tactic

Body Crash tactic is a football tactic based on fitness. While numbers and talent are not important in this tactic, muscle and body condition have gained importance.

Especially teams with high physical strength have successfully applied this tactic. Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are the most important representatives of this tactic.

  1. The Joga Bonito Tactic

Based on the Brazilian and Portuguese game system, Joga Bonito means a Nice game in Portuguese. Talent is very important in this tactic. The most important representatives of this tactic are the players who use their ankles well and provide good ball control. In particular, football players such as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, and Rivaldo are important representatives of this tactic.

It is a tactic that players who develop their ankles well in tactical beach soccer perform better.

  1. Parking Bus Tactic

Parking Bus tactic is a style of play in which all players are positioned on the defense. The goal in this tactic is not to score goals. This tactic is found very boring by football fans. The most important representative of this tactic is Joose Mourinho. While the successful coach led the Chelsea team, he brought many successes to his team with the Parking Bus tactic.

  1. GegenPressing Tactic

The Gegenpressing tactic is the most admired football tactic of recent years. The aim of this tactic, which is quite difficult to apply, is to defend by attacking. The slogan of the tactic is that the best defense is the offense.

The aim is to win the ball and score goals by pressing with at least 5-6 players when the soccer ball crosses the field of the opponent. Gegenpressing kick application is a very difficult tactic. Because it requires both skill and skill.

There is no unnecessary rust in this tactic. The striker is considered to be the most important player who also supports the midfield. The most important teams of practitioners of tactics are Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool.

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