EKIP SPORT is an artificial grass manufacturer for sports fields and landscaping located in Turkey. We offer full satisfaction to Our customers before and after sell.

Everything About Artificial Turf!

EKIP SPORT is an artificial grass manufacturer for sports fields and landscaping located in Turkey. We offer full satisfaction to Our customers before and after sell.

EKİP SPOR EQUIPMENT Company was established in 2006 in order to manufacture sports equipment. Our company's main goal is to keep pace with the world market in the principle of the best quality, best service concept, and we continue our business with this principle.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • Artificial turf is more economical compared to natural turf because its maintenance cost is very low.
  • It is resistant to bad weather conditions. In this way, 4-season outdoor synthetic pitches can be used.
  • Artificial turf is a product whose color does not fade over time. Since it is produced resistant to UV rays, it is not affected by sunlight.
  • Artificial turf does not require constant irrigation like natural grass. In this way, the maintenance cost is low.
  • Artificial turf is safer in terms of athlete's health. Because artificial turf floors are floors with reduced slipperiness. Therefore, the risk of injury is very low.
  • While producing artificial turf, toxic chemicals that may harm human health are not used.

As you can see, artificial turf is a product that can be preferred with peace of mind when its advantages are considered. Today, it has been revealed that the profitability rate of the plant owners who use artificial turf carpet fields instead of natural grass carpet pitches is higher.

If you want to take advantage of our turnkey artificial turf installation service, all you have to do is contact us.

Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial turf is very easy to maintain and low cost. The most important thing required for artificial turf maintenance is granule reinforcement to the field every 3-4 months. Because the granules are constantly moving on the ground, the granules are distributed on the field surface at different rates. With the granule reinforcement, the artificial turf ground is leveled and ready for use again.

Besides, carpet pitches should be watered in very hot weather. Artificial turf can stretch if exposed to sunlight for too long. Therefore, it will be sufficient to cool the artificial turf a little in very hot weather.

Finally, when the wastes such as stones, cigarette butts, and leaves accumulated on the field surface are cleaned, artificial turf maintenance is completed.

As Ekip Grass, we produce many different types of artificial turf.

1.Artificial turf for carpet field

As we mentioned above, artificial turf for carpet fields increases the life of the turf and helps to do sports on safer ground. Therefore, artificial turf should be preferred.

After reviewing our website, you can contact us and get information about our FIFA-approved artificial turf products.

2.Landscape artificial turf

Landscape Artificial Grass is an artificial grass that is generally used in areas such as gardens, balconies, and playgrounds. Landscape artificial turf and sports field artificial turf are different from each other. For example, landscape artificial turf has a thinner structure than artificial turf for fake grass. Usually, the pile height is not very high.

If you want the gardens to look better both in summer and winter, all you need to do is to choose landscape artificial grass. Thanks to its aesthetic structure, you can have a better time in your garden with landscape artificial turf that has a natural grass appearance.

Depending on the features mentioned above, artificial turf prices vary. For example, landscape artificial turf prices and artificial turf prices are different from each other.

Therefore, you can reach the most accurate information about artificial turf prices by contacting us. If you want to have a quality carpet field, all you have to do is call us. Would you like to buy quality artificial turf at affordable prices? Contact us now…

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