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What is Grass Fence?

What is Grass Fence?

Grass fence; It is a modern, aesthetic, stylish, and rust-resistant type of fence that acts as a wall and hides its environment when viewed from the outside. It is produced using artificial grass. Grass fence panel models, which are usually used as garden fences, are also used in areas such as balconies, terraces, and workplaces.

The most important advantage of the grass-looking fence is that it is mounted on galvanized or PVC-coated panel fence wires that prevent oxidation. Usually green is produced, so it is also known as a green grass fence.

Below, you can find answers to the questions of where grass fence is used, what are the advantages of using grass fence wire and how to assemble grass fence. As Ekip Spor, we are Turkey’s most advanced and best artificial turf manufacturer company. In this context, we meet the artificial turf needs of both Turkey and many other countries abroad. Grass fences are also the specialty of Ekip Grass, as they are produced using artificial grass. If you are also looking for a lawn fence manufacturer, you can beautify your living spaces by contacting Ekip Spor.

Now let’s examine how to install a grass fence step by step.

How to install a grass fence?

Grass fence panel is a fence system, as the name suggests. While fence systems are preferred for security purposes under normal conditions, green grass fence panels are also preferred for decoration purposes. Because this is the fence system that adapts to the landscape the most. You can find out the answer to the question of how to install a grass fence by following the steps below. Here is a garden grass fence construction in 3 steps;

Artificial Grass Fence Installation in 3 Steps

  1. Ground Preparation

First of all, the area where the grass fence will be mounted is made ready for installation. At this stage, the floor is leveled; If the floor is concrete, holes are drilled on the concrete for mounting the fence posts. If the ground is soil, the soil is dug to fix the concrete pillars.

  1. Installation of Artificial Grass Fence Posts

The installation of artificial grass fence posts is mounted on the ground you prefer. If it is to be mounted on a concrete floor, the poles are mounted on the floor with the help of special screws and apparatus. If the poles are to be fixed on the soil ground, after the ground is thoroughly excavated, the concrete is poured and the assembly process is completed. Concrete floor or concrete wall is generally preferred for artificial grass fence installation. This is the most robust mounting method. Green fence installation on the wall is quite safe.

  1. Grass fence roller assembly

Grass fences are produced in rolls. The purpose of this is to provide easy installation during assembly. After the fence posts are installed, the artificial grass fence rolls are unrolled on the posts and mounted with the help of clips. During this assembly, the clips will not be visible as they will remain between the artificial grass leaves.


Grass fence installation can be done on the previously existing panel fence, wire mesh fence or wooden fence. That’s why you don’t have to remove your old fences when you buy artificial grass fence. This shows the practical use of artificial grass fence products.

Here is how to make a garden grass fence? The answer is that easy. You can get detailed information about artificial grass fence installation with the following video narration.

Grass Fence Installation Video

Grass fences are products that are very advantageous and suitable for professional use. So, let’s examine where such an advantageous fence model is used.

Where is Grass Fence Used?

Grass fence panel is not just a fence product used around the site and building. Today, it can be used in every conceivable field. In fact, the situation has become such that most municipalities have placed grass fence panels over garbage containers. This draws attention as a kind of savior in terms of appearance, today, where the greenery is gradually decreasing. Grass fences are a different version of wire mesh fence systems. With this version, you both modernize your environment and protect your living spaces for security purposes. You can see the usage areas of grass fence panels in the list below.

  • Private property
  • Land, vineyard, garden
  • Site, building, cooperative
  • Nature themed construction site environment,
  • Playground, kindergarten, school
  • Everywhere for decorative purposes

Grass fence panels can be used even in garbage cans placed by municipalities today. So, as we say every time; Artificial grass fence rolls can be used in any area where imagination stretches and you want to beautify.

What are the Advantages of Artificial Grass Fence?

Below are the advantages of artificial grass fence. Thanks to the advantages it provides, artificial grass fence models will be among the most beautiful fence models of the future.

  • Artificial grass fence is an environmentally friendly product as it is produced from recyclable materials.
  • Does not require irrigation.
  • It can be easily disassembled and used in different areas.
  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • There is no maintenance cost.
  • It is very durable when compared to natural grass.
  • They are not affected by bad weather conditions.
  • Summer and winter colors do not fade.
  • Although it is an artificial and synthetic product, it is produced in proportions closest to reality.
  • This adds both a natural and aesthetic appearance to the product.
  • Artificial grass fences do not burn and the sun’s rays cannot damage them.
  • Because it is produced using UV-protected materials.

Meet the Best Grass Fence Manufacturer!

Ekip Spor is the company that offers you cheap wall grass fences with wholesale grass fence prices. It is the only company that supports you with its professional team in grass fence application. In this context, it works to beautify your living spaces, regardless of garden grass fence, balcony grass fence or wall grass fence. All you have to do for grass fence prices is to contact us. You can get detailed information about grass fence colors and m2 price of grass fence by calling us and you can choose the one that suits your budget from the cheap grass wall options.


How many years will the grass fence last?

Grass fence is an artificial fence wire model with a very long service life. In this context, we can say that it is durable for at least 10 years. Depending on the weather conditions, the service life may be even longer.

Does the grass fence light up?

Grass fence is produced with a fire-retardant and retardant PVC coating. This is just a very durable and non-damaging grass panel fence model.

How to understand the quality of grass fence?

Grass fence quality is tested with the durability of artificial grass leaves. In this context, if the artificial grass leaves do not burn, if it is resistant to sun UV rays and has a guarantee of not fading, you can easily buy that artificial grass fence.

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