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What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is an equivalent type of ground designed to replace natural grass. It is produced using synthetic threads but does not contain any substances harmful to health. While it is used for landscaping purposes especially in gardens, it is also used as a safe ground type in sports fields. The sport in which artificial turf is most frequently used is football. Football fields have been covered with artificial turf for many years. In this way, an area is established for the players to do sports safely.


Ekip Grass is one of the best artificial grass manufacturers in Turkey. As Ekip Spor we prepared this article for you to learn detailed information about artificial grass. Like what is artificial grass, why artificial grass needs watering, how to choose the best artificial grass


Now, let’s start to learn details.

Since natural grass applications require constant maintenance, they require high maintenance costs and labor. Artificial turf has been produced due to the difficulty of using natural turf, its need for regular maintenance, and its high cost. Known as synthetic grass, fake grass, artificial lawn, and artificial turf.

Artificial grass carpets, which are frequently used for landscaping of businesses such as patios, balconies, gardens, playgrounds of schools, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, provide practicality and ease of use. To ensure the longevity of artificial turf carpets designed for use in these areas, the issue of how to clean and maintain them is important. So how is artificial turf carpet cleaning done?

What are the applications of artificial turf?

artificial grass for football field


application of artificial grass

The artificial turf usage area is quite common. It is frequently used especially in garden designs for landscaping and on the floors of sports fields for sports purposes. Artificial grass is also known as synthetic turf products with different usage areas. As a result of the developments in synthetic production technologies, artificial turf production has gone through important stages and the closest form to natural grass has been reached and it has become superior to natural grass with the facilities it offers. Artificial turf applications, which have been used safely even in sports fields, especially football, offer safe, practical, and economical solutions in our home life.

So, let’s examine how artificial grass is made, what should be considered in the construction of artificial grass.

How is artificial turf made?

Artificial turf is a type of ground produced using synthetic yarns. They are products that are specially processed in artificial grass machines. Grass carpet is generally produced using different shades of green and green. You can choose light green or dark green artificial grass colors. These artificial grass types, which are used for decorative purposes, are frequently used in balconies and terraces or gardens.

You can also buy artificial grass carpets in the color you want by contacting us on our website.

Can artificial turf catch fire?

Can artificial turf catch fire (1)
No artificial turf is manufactured using a fire-resistant PVC coating. Therefore, it does not burn and does not catch fire. With this feature, it is also used as a fence. Artificial grass fences are the most popular fence type of recent years.

How to choose the right artificial turf?

artificail grass models

To choose the right artificial turf, you need to decide where you will use the artificial turf. We would like to point out that artificial turf is produced with different features depending on the area where it will be used. For example, the artificial grass to be used for the ground and the artificial grass to be used for the wall are different from each other. Likewise, artificial turf to be used for football and artificial turf to be used for landscaping are also different from each other. Therefore, when purchasing artificial turf, you can contact the seller and have an idea about how to buy the right artificial turf.

Is artificial turf good for indoors?

landscape grass

Artificial turf is a very suitable floor type for indoors. It offers quality and aesthetic appearance indoors as well as outdoors. The structure of artificial turf used indoors and artificial turf used outdoors is different from each other. Both are produced from UV-resistant, non-flammable and colorfast materials. The pile size of artificial grass, which is used only indoors and outdoors, is different from each other. Accordingly, the density of the grass also changes.

What stops artificial turfs from fading colors under the direct sun?

artificial turfs from fading colors under the direct sun

Artificial grass is produced with a PVC coating that is not affected by the sun’s rays. That’s why artificial grass does not fade even if it comes into direct contact with the sun. Only in very hot weather, cooling the artificial turf floor with a little water will make the grass stand straighter. But the sun’s rays do not fade the artificial grass.

Does artificial turf drain well?

When installing artificial turf, drainage channels are installed under the ground. These drainage channels allow the water to evacuate easily from the area when it rains and snows. Therefore, we can say that artificial grass easily throws water from the ground. Since there will be no puddles on the ground, sports can be done on artificial turf even in bad weather conditions.

Does artificial turf need maintenance?

why buy-artificial-grass

Although artificial grass does not need as much care as natural grass, artificial grass also needs to be maintained at certain periods. For example, when installing artificial turf, granules are poured on the ground. These granules make the artificial turf ground more stable and flat. These granules disperse over time and disappear from the ground. For this reason, granule reinforcement should be made on the artificial grass ground at 6-month intervals.

Apart from this, garbage such as leaves, stones, and butts accumulating on artificial turf should be cleaned regularly. Finally, when the weather is very hot, the sun’s rays can expand the artificial grass leaves. To prevent this, you can cool the artificial grass with water and make it look more lively.

How does artificial turf impact the environment?

Artificial turf is produced using recycled materials that do not harm the environment. For example, there are no toxic chemicals in artificial turf. Therefore, it is a type of floor that children can safely spend time on. In addition, artificial grass that has expired can be recycled and does not harm nature.

Why is artificial turf suitable?

artificial -grass-worth-the-money

  • Because artificial grass is a more advantageous ground type than natural grass.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • Does not require irrigation.
  • It is not affected by sun rays.
  • Non-flammable
  • It is pet-friendly.
  • Not produced using materials that will harm children.
  • It is long-lasting, does not require constant renewal.
  • Cat and dog poop can be easily removed from the artificial grass floor with water and detergent. So artificial grass is very useful and useful for cats and dogs.
  • Artificial grass is cheaper than natural grass when you think long-term. Because artificial grass does not need fertilization, brushing, pesticides, weed killers like natural grass. In other words, artificial grass is a cost-effective product for the future.
  • Artificial grass does not fade over time like natural grass. That’s why it always has an aesthetic appearance and always makes you feel good.
  • Artificial turf is very suitable for people who work very hard in business life and do not have much free time because it does not tire people with maintenance procedures.
  • It is suitable for use even in bad weather conditions. Because it is not affected by snow and rain, you can easily play football and similar sports on it. Thanks to the drainage channels under the ground, the water is easily discharged from the ground.

What’s under artificial turf?

artificial grass care

There are drainage channels under the artificial turf floor. These drainage channels consist of pipes that prevent the accumulation of water on the artificial turf. In addition, artificial turf can be installed on the sand, soil, or concrete ground. Depending on the area you will use, infrastructure works are carried out and artificial turf is installed.

Is artificial turf safe?

Is artificial turf safe

Artificial grass is safe. Because artificial turf is a type of ground with reduced slipperiness. It is a very suitable ground for children and athletes. Even if the person falls to the ground in a sudden movement, the risk of injury is very low. Therefore, artificial grass can be used safely.



You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about artificial turf below.

  • What are the prices of artificial turf carpets determination?
    While determining the prices of artificial turf, attention is paid to the following headings;
    • Purpose of use of artificial turf
    • Thickness of artificial turf
    • The size of the area to be used
    • Depth of infrastructure Works
  • Why artificial turf has many different yarn shapes?
    The reason why artificial grass yarns are in different shapes is the difference in the purpose of use. For example, artificial grass yarns to be used indoors and artificial grass yarns to be used outdoors are different from each other. The reason for this is to increase the durability of artificial turf. Artificial grass leaves, which are produced in different ways for different areas of use, are produced to be resistant to impacts.
  • What are some tips to keep in mind while buying artificial turf?
    Here are the things you need to know before buying artificial turf;
    • Finding a reliable artificial grass dealer
    • Knowing the materials used in the production of artificial turf (Is there any harmful substance?)
    • Deciding on the area where you will use artificial turf
    • Determining the size of the area you will use
    • Determining your budget
    • Preferring artificial grass that is resistant to sunlight, does not catch fire and does not fade.
  • How tough is artificial turf?
    Artificial grass is very durable. It is resistant to both bad weather conditions and impacts. Therefore, it is very practical to use on the floors of sports fields. Artificial grass, which is both athlete-friendly and budget-friendly, is also used in garden landscaping.
  • Does artificial turf expire?
    Artificial grass has no expiration date. When you take care of it properly, it can be used for at least 10-15 years.
  • Why would artificial turf (Astroturf) need watering?
    This is because artificial grass leaves expand and bend in very hot weather. By cooling the artificial grass with water in very hot weather, you can make the leaves more upright and lively.
  • Is artificial turf pet-friendly?
    Yes, artificial grass is pet-friendly. It does not contain toxic chemicals that will harm pets. Pets can easily defecate on artificial turf. Thanks to its non-staining structure, dirt can be easily cleaned on artificial turf.
  • Can you put artificial grass on concrete?
    Yes, artificial turf can be easily applied on the concrete ground. Artificial grass applied on a concrete floor will have a flatter and smoother surface. Therefore, artificial turf installed on a concrete floor is quite safe.
  • How much does artificial grass cost?
    The cost of artificial turf varies depending on the area where you will use the artificial turf. For example, the prices of landscaping artificial turf and artificial turf prices are different from each other. Therefore, you can determine the artificial grass type you need and contact your seller to find out the cost of artificial grass together with the measurements.
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