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What are the advantages of artificial grass?

Artificial turf has many advantages. Because artificial turf is a new generation turf technology and is more beneficial than natural turf. To summarize, the advantages of artificial turf are as follows;

  • The maintenance cost of artificial turf is very low and it is very easy to maintain.

Artificial turf does not wear out as easily as natural grass. Therefore, the maintenance cost is almost non-existent. All you have to do for artificial turf maintenance is to clean the waste materials accumulated on it at certain time intervals. You can also make the ground smoother by adding granules on artificial turf in 6-month periods. Do not forget to cool the artificial grass in very hot weather!

  • The color of artificial turf does not fade over time.

The most important advantage of artificial turf is that it preserves its color for many years. Because artificial grass is very durable and is produced with UV protection. The colors of artificial turf which are resistant to UV lights, do not fade. In this way, you can have a wonderful surface for 4 seasons.

  • Artificial turf prices are affordable.
  • Synthetic turf is pet-friendly.
  • Important! Artificial grass can be recycled.
  • Fake grass is long-lasting.

If you want to take advantage of the advantages of artificial grass all you need to do is call us an artificial grass company.


Artificial grass sample

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