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Best Football Stadiums

The Best 10 Football Stadiums in the World

The Best 10 Football Stadiums in the World

Football is one of the world’s most popular sports. The football pitch, floor type, and spectator capacity affect the game quality. To experience the enthusiasm of football, all conditions must be met in the best way possible. For this, artificial turf used on the ground of the football field, the quality of the seats used in the stands, and the architectural structure of the field constitute the most important components of football.

Below, we will examine the 10 best stadiums in the world. Professional stadiums are being built for football fans all over the world with their wonderful designs. Let’s examine in detail the 10 most perfect stadiums of football giants, especially England, Argentina, and Spain.

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Now let’s examine the top 10 stadiums in the world in detail.

The Best Magnificient Football Stadium All Over the World


  1. Wembley Stadium

wembley stadium in UK

Wembley Stadium, which is the largest stadium in England with a capacity of 90,000 people, is a multi-purpose sports complex. All matches of the England national team are played here. The stadium is huge and besides football, concerts are also held here.

Wembley Stadium is famous for its grandstand. The audience capacity is so great that it broke the record with a total of 504,000 spectators in 7 Michael Jackson concerts. When we examine the grandstand of Wembley Stadium, we see that red-backed tribune seats are used. Tribune seats with backrests are very comfortable seats. In stadiums with high spectator capacity, grandstand construction is very important. The stands should be of high quality and durable so that they can carry more spectators.

Wembley Stadium is very popular with both the ground and the grandstand and therefore hosts many professional matches. It is one of the rare sports complexes where hybrid grass is used on the field ground. Hybrid grass is obtained by combining artificial grass and natural grass. Its use has become widespread in recent years. If you are wondering about hybrid grass, which is reinforced natural grass, you can check it by clicking the link. In addition, you can reach detailed information about the construction of the grandstand by clicking the link.

  1. The Maracana Stadium

maracana stadium spain

It is the football stadium with the largest and most spectator capacity in Brazil. The stadium hosts 200,000 people for important matches. Although the stadium is quite large, the audience capacity has been reduced to 95,000 people to comply with FIFA standards. The audience capacity is quite high and the grandstand is made using very high-quality materials. For this reason, no injuries have been experienced in the tribune of the field until today.

The construction of the stadium was completed in 17 years. While Maracana Stadium uses artificial turf as a ground type, it has been announced that it will be converted to a hybrid turf field with the decision made this year.

  1. Estadio Centenario

Estadio Centenario stadium

Established in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, the stadium has 76,609 seats even though it has a capacity of 100,000 people. The 1930 FIFA World Cup final match was played on this field. Uruguay National Team football matches are played on this field. The audience capacity of the field is 65,000 people.

While white grandstand seats are used on the field, artificial grass is used on the ground. Artificial turf is used in most stadiums today. So how is artificial turf carpet pitch made? You can get detailed information by clicking the link for artificial turf carpet field construction.

  1. Santiago Bernabeu

santiago barnabeu stadium

The football field, which belongs to Real Madrid, one of the most popular football teams in Spain, has a capacity of 85,000 spectators. The stadium was established in 1947. While the spectator capacity of the stadium was 120,000, the spectator capacity was reduced to 81,044 to comply with UEFA standards. In addition, seats with backrests were used in the construction of the grandstand, like the fields in UEFA standards.

Stadium grandstands are built with seats with backrests to comply with UEFA and FIFA standards.

  1. Camp Nou

camp nou stadium

Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe, has a capacity of 99,354 spectators. Barcelona will play their home matches in this stadium. The stadium was established in 1957. The grandstand of the stadium is designed with red and blue seats, which are the colors of the Barcelona team. The stadium, which uses natural grass on the ground, has been rearranged using hybrid grass in these past years.

The pitch was built using tribune seats with backrests to comply with UEFA standards.

  1. Estadio Giuseppe Meazza (SanSiro)

estadio Giuseppe Meazza Stadium

It is the best football field in Italy. It has an audience capacity of 80,000 people. In the field designed according to UEFA criteria, tribune seats with backrests are used. Milan and Italy national team use this field. The tribune seats on the field are designed with red and blue colors. Mixed turf application was made on the field ground. Grass must be heated. It is a type of covered field.

  1. Estadio Azteca

estadio azteca stadium

Located in Mexico, it is the national stadium of the Mexican national team. The stadium is owned by the Mexican club CF America. During the construction of the grandstand, a covered style was preferred. All of the grandstand seats have backrests. It has a capacity of 104,000 people. It is the second-largest stadium in the world in terms of capacity. Apart from football, the stadium also hosts big events such as concerts.

Artificial grass is used on the field ground.

  1. La Bombonera

la bombonera stadium

Established in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, the field has a capacity of 49.000. The field belonging to the Boca Juniors team has the minimum field capacity determined by FIFA. (105 x 64.7 meters) The government also carries out social activities in this field besides football. The site includes the club museum and restaurants.

The grandstand of the field is designed with blue and yellow-backed seats. It has one of the best field exterior designs in the world. Here we see how important carpet pitch construction is. Every beautifully designed field attracts attention and attention in this way.

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  1. Celtic Park

celtic park

Celtic Park is a 60,000-capacity soccer field built in Glasgow, Scotland. It is dazzling with its field design belonging to the Celtic team. The field tribunes are designed with blue and green seats.

Natural grass ground is used in the field. There is grass heating under the floor. The field is closed. This makes it easy to play football on the field during the winter months. Even if the field is not covered, if the ground was artificial grass, it would be easier to use in winter.

Artificial turf football fields are a very professional field type suitable for use in winter.

  1. Anfield Road

anfield road stadium

The field was built in 1984 and has a capacity of 45,000. The field stands, which belong to England’s Liverpool team, are designed with red-backed seats. The story of the field is quite interesting. Anfield Road stadium is an idle stadium and Liverpool FC was founded for this stadium. The founding story of Liverpool is tied to this football field.

Mixed grass is used on the field ground. The site must be underfloor heated.


As you can see, the world’s most magnificent football fields have been furnished and designed using the highest quality materials. If you want to have quality football fields, you need to work with professional carpet pitch construction companies. You can have excellent football fields by contacting Ekip Grass, the highest quality artificial turf manufacturer.

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