Artificial Grass Manufacturer

Artificial grass is a type of grass that is frequently used in sports field construction and landscape applications. Artificial turf can be produced in different properties depending on the area to be used. So it is very advantageous. Artificial grass, which is a more durable and quality product compared to natural grass, is a very profitable investment for facility owners.

As Ekip Grass we are one of the best artificial grass manufacturers in Turkey and we give 7/24 service for you. We have domestic and international carpet field installation services. Carpet field installation is a process that must be done meticulously. Organizations such as infrastructure work, excavation work, artificial turf laying, and carpet field lighting should be well managed. As Ekip Grass, we are doing turnkey Astro pitch installation for you.

Many companies are manufacturing artificial turf. But the important thing here is to buy quality artificial turf. If you want to buy quality artificial turf, you are in the right place. As Ekip Grass, the artificial turf we produce using the latest technological devices is a very successful ground type in the areas where the application is made.

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