TurfKing TK1502 Technical Information:

  • Working width : TK1100 = 1,100 mm
    TK1502 = 1,500 mm
  • Drive : PTO adaptor 540 rpm
  • Weight : TK1100 = 225 kg
    TK1502 = 270 kg
  • Dimensions : TK1100: L 950 x B 1.300 x H 830 mm
    TK1502: L 950 x B 1.700 x H 830 mm


Turf King TK1502 Artificial Grass Machine  Manufacturer

Tractor device for cleaning and caring for artificial turf grass King tk1502 brush and vacuum system ensures clean sports surfaces and optimal playing conditions. Traditional brush rows and/or draw mats are not suitable for thorough cleaning of floor coverings / deep cleaning and loosening of sand-filled and / or rubber-filled artificial grass. The 3-point rear mounting type accessory for compact tractors is compatible with any type of tractor with a power of at least 20 to 25 hp and combines all important basic functions in one device. The device is compact and easy to connect to.With TurfKing, the required working depth can be precisely adjusted by adjusting the spinners-for all work processes, so that each individual job can be adjusted and executed separately to suit the corresponding grass conditions. Designed filter cartridges polyester used for long-lasting use and is deducted continuously.

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