TurfGuard TG1 Technical information:

  • Drive  : 2-cylinder petrol engine / 4.8 kW (6.5 HP)
  • Traction drive : Hydrostatic drive forward/reverse
  • Hydraulics : 3 connections for various accessories
  • Weight : 180 kg
  • Dimensions : L 1,300 x W 800 x H 1,000 mm


TurfGuard TG1 Artificial Grass Machine

Self-propelled, walk-behind machine for the filling, the maintenance and the removal of artificial turf

TurfGuard TG1 with its various attachments installs and maintains filled artificial turf. TG1 is powered by a 6.5 HP petrol engine. The hydrostatic drive is infinitely variable, and the hydraulic supply for the attachments is adjustable. Thus, working speed and brush speeds can be adjusted to the specific turf conditions.
Its compact size and tight turning circle make TG1 the perfect device for small playing fields, e.g. tennis, paddle tennis or futsal courts.

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