• You can easily clean the filter by rotating clockwise.
  • The brush cover can lift the description of the towing brush at the back of the TurfBoy TB2 from the driver’s position.
  • The pull brush stands on the left side of the device staggered by 20 cm. Such sites make it possible to reach the edges and corners.
  • Due to the row of detachable redundant brush, Turf Boy TB2 can pass even doors with a width of 1 meter.


Turbo artificial grass machine

Ride on a machine for cleaning and caring for artificial grass

Turf Boy TB2 is powered by a 16-horsepower air-cooled gasoline engine. Due to its highly compact design, the machine is ideal for working on sand-filled tennis courts or sand / rubber-filled courts such as futsal courts. The working depth of the Rotary brush can be adjusted via two spindles. The vibrating screen can be adjusted accurately, with variable settings from 4 to 10 mm, depending and according to the condition of the filling material.

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