Turf Collector Stc-1500

Grass collection STC – 1500 technical information

  • Dimensions: 2140 × 1990 × 560 mm
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Vibro: yes
  • Packing: pallet, plastic film
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Total volume: 2.6 cubic meters.


Turf collector STC-1500 artificial grass machine manufacturer

EKIP STC – 1500 Turf collector is a professional machine for cleaning grass from mechanical and organic debris.

At the heart of the equipment is driven rotary brushes, which at high speed, throw inside the machine, the upper layers of filling material. Further, this material passes through a vibrating screen, where the rubber crumb (SBR/EPDM) is again inserted into the coating, and all garbage enters a special removable container for further removal.


Brushes are driven from the wheels of the equipment, which allows cleaning the grass with any drive technology. It is also possible to adjust the depth of the brushes in the coating, which allows for different intensity of maintenance. In this case, the machine keeps the line of sight, without a heel with equipment adjustment.

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