Professional Brush Ekip As-1800

Professional Brush Ekip As-1800 Technical information :

  • Dimensions: 1850×1300 (+350 rake – option) x 800
  • Pile: white medium hardness (Medium) or black with aggressive combing (Hard)
  • Steel: 3 mm.
  • Pile height: 50 mm.
  • Weight: from 105 kg.
  • Coupling type: 3 point.
  • Min. drive power: from 12 HP
  • Additional equipment: rake 1800 mm (106 spring fingers).
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Packaging: pallet, cardboard, plastic film.
  • Volume: 3.1 m3


Professional Brush Ekip As-1800 Artificial Turf Machine


The pile can be made of a series of “Medium” (white, medium hardness, with the function of “memory” prevents jamming of the villi) and a series of “Hard” (black pile, aggressive combing).  Brush EKIP AS-1800 has a 3-point trailed device (Class 1).  All brushes of this series in the base are equipped with four support retractable legs and damper supports to protect the floor covering in the premises for storage of equipment. Additionally EKIP S-1800 can be equipped with a rake c 106 spring fingers arranged in 2 rows, providing effective decompression of the compacted rubber crumb. m3

1. Carefully collects the trash from the field and pulled out during the games pile.
2. Raises the villi of the lawn.
3. Distributes the rubber crumb on the field plane.
4. Extends the life of the coating.
5. Leads the playing characteristics of the field to the standard.
6. Razoblachaet compacted rubber crumb – option.


Pile brush for professional service of full-fledged football fields with artificial and natural lawn.  Multidirectional “angles of attack” brushes provide maximum effect when working with this technique. The weight of the brush gives the necessary pressure to cover the entire plane of the bristles. Like all TOSS products, this technique is reliable and functional. The brush frame is made of thick-walled steel profile with metal channels 3 mm. Technological powder coating will retain Shine and corrosion protection for the entire service life.

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