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Pro Odin Professional Turf

  • It is recommended for soccer,
  • American football and Rugby games with a height of the pile between 40mm and 60mm.
  • The used yarn is TENCATE Netherlands.

Pro Odin –  Professional Artificial Turf

It is an artificial grass carpet in FIFA Standards that is produced between 20 mm – 65 mm pile heights.

The yarn of Pro – Odin is made of monofilament spine yarn. It has top quality with its 12000 dtex.

The yarn of Pro-Odin has 320 micron and it provides a long-term performance warranty.

It is suitable for usage in many professional and standard sports fields.

It has color options such as light green, dark green, and mixed color.

The affordable professional solution with 12000/6 dtex yarn. Lime green or Dark green color option.Depending on demand, mixed color or zebra patterned production. 12000/6 mixed color or zebra patterned production, 12000/6 Monofilament 310 micron, 1.4mm width, with sbr and ecoinfill, reach the perfect field.


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