Ekip Grass

Non-infill Turf


It is recommended for soccer,

  • American football and Rugby games with a height of the pile between 40mm and 60mm.
  • The used yarn is TENCATE Netherlands.

Non-infill Artificial Turf

Non infill has pile height options between 30 mm 35 mm.

By its non- infill qualification, it provides natural infilled grass and it does not need any infill material like granule but small amount of silica sand should be used in it. It cuts expenses by using small amount sand and not using granule. And by this reduce costs, ensures cleaner and longevity of the product.

Non- infill Grass is one of our products that we use for reduce costs and give best visuality in landscaping.

Usually, infill is used to help yarns stand. Infill requires installation and maintenance costs. To avoid such inconveniences our company designed a special grass that does not require an infill to resist the loads and stay upright. Herra infill grass is a professional solution with 16000 dtex yarn. Lime green or Dark green color options are available. Depending on demand, mixed color or zebra-patterned production is available.


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