Duplicate Of Rake Ekip S-1200

Dublicate Of Rake Ekip S-1200 Technical information :

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 1460 x 860
  • Steel: 3 mm
  • Number of decompression fingers: 40 PCs.
  • Decompression finger: d=3.5 mm, spring steel.
  • Weight: 40 kg.
  • Type of coupling: trailer.
  • Min drive power: from 9 HP
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Packaging: cardboard, plastic film.
  • Volume: 1,7 m3


Dublicate Of Rake Ekip S-1200 Artificial Turf Machine


Effectively decompresses the compacted rubber crumb.
Improves drainage properties of the field.
Distributes the rubber crumb on the field plane.
Straightens the pile of the lawn.
Extends the life of the coating.
Leads the playing characteristics of the field to the standard.


Budget model for small football fields with artificial or natural lawn. Designed to work in conjunction with a low-power drive (garden rider, tillers, etc.). Suitable for objects with cramped passages or small areas for storage of equipment. This model is especially popular among educational institutions, private enterprises, housing and utilities and Management companies for servicing small yard areas with artificial turf.  Rake TO SS – 1200 is made from steel profile with a hidden weighting of the frame of the equipment to improve performance. The decompression finger is made of a special spring steel grade. For ease of use, the rake has 2 rotary and 2 non-rotary transport wheels, as well as the ability to fold “teeth”. The equipment is painted with powder coating, providing Shine and corrosion protection for the entire life of the equipment.

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