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landscape grassLandscape Artificial Turf

landscape lawn; Known as synthetic grass, artificial grass, fake grass or turf carpet, it is a long-lasting grass variety with its natural appearance, which is used as an alternative to natural grass, especially for sports field floors, produced from materials that do not harm the environment.

This product, which is used for decorative purposes, is available in all sizes and thicknesses.

Artificial turf is generally preferred for garden landscaping in houses with gardens due to the difficulty of maintaining natural grass. In addition, decorative artificial grass is preferred for wall covering and roof covering processes in interior decoration. In addition, artificial grass has been used frequently in garden fence construction in recent years. The reason for this is that artificial grass fences have a much more aesthetic appearance and do not show the inside when viewed from the outside.

The pile lengths of artificial turf for decorative purposes vary between 5mm and 20mm.

landscape turf installation

Landscape turf usage areas are divided into 2.

  • Use of Artificial Grass for Decorative Purposes
  • Garden Landscape Floor and Wall Cladding
  • Interior Wall Cladding (Home Decoration)
    Grass Fence Construction

Landscape Grass For Dog

If we have a house with a garden and a pet, the flooring product we will use in your garden should be artificial grass. If you have a pet at home, you should use landscape grass for dogs. There are many reasons for this. For example, if you have natural grass in your garden, your pet may constantly damage the natural grass. However, this is not possible on artificial turf floors. In addition, weeds that can be harmful to your pet can grow on natural grass floors. But artificial turf for dogs is not like that.

Pet-friendly artificial turf is produced by the living standards of cats, dogs, or other pets. Pet-friendly artificial turf is the same as real grass and has a soft texture for your pets. Therefore, the dog or cat can easily move on this lawn.
In addition, artificial grass is ideal for pet owners because it requires little maintenance.

Artificial grass for dogs has a structure that can easily clean dog fecesPet-friendly artificial grass, which has wider drainage channels than normal artificial grass, is very useful. After your dog defecates, all you have to do is to clean it with the help of a bag or brush. Artificial turf does not deteriorate and wears like natural grass. So it is pet-friendly.

Artificial grass

What are the Types of Synthetic Grass Carpet?

As we mentioned before, artificial turf was mostly used for sports fields and different sports activities. However, as the benefits of artificial turf are seen, their usage areas have widened much more. Now, when we look around in our daily lives, we see that artificial turf products are being used in places that we can never imagine. Generally, there are three different types of synthetic grass carpet;

  • Astroturf / Carpet Pitches / Football Field synthetic turf
  • Garden (landscape artificial turf),
  • Artificial turf for balcony, terrace, villa (Artificial Grass For Interior Decor)

Let’s see these three common field uses separately.

  1. Football Field Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf or artificial grass means all sports areas that are actually meant by astroturf. Artificial turf was used primarily for sportive purposes. All over the world, artificial turf started to be preferred for sports fields such as football, American football, baseball, and rugby, and then it was used extensively for training fields.

The most important feature of the synthetic turf carpet product is its durability. This durability is for both intensive use and harsh climatic conditions. It is very difficult to keep real grass carpet or natural grass in geographies where the air temperatures are very cold or very hot and where snow or rainfall is very intense.

If possible, the life of these grasses is very short. For this reason, synthetic grass carpets are mostly preferred for sports fields, especially in difficult climatic conditions.

Apart from this, green artificial grass is frequently preferred in areas where the climatic conditions are not very severe because it is very useful. Artificial turf is used in carpet field construction, jogging tracks, referee walking path, zebra pattern areas.

  1. Garden (Landscape) Artificial Grass

This type of artificial grass uses in especially garden landscaping. The most preferred areas of artificial turf after sports fields are artificial turf for the garden or landscaping areas. Because artificial turf products are very useful, these products are often preferred for landscaping purposes.

Artificial turf for the garden is very often preferred both by municipalities and other administrative units, as well as in private properties since it requires very little cost and maintenance.

One of the places where synthetic grass is frequently used for landscaping is a highway, roadside, picnic area, and gardens. Regional governments now prefer artificial turf that is much more suitable than natural grass.

  1. Artificial Grass for Interior Decoration

Another area where artificial turf is used is home uses such as balconies, terraces, or villas. This is indoor artificial grass.  Areas such as balconies or terraces are exposed to external factors such as rain and therefore the use of such areas is difficult.

However, thanks to the balcony grass carpet materials, you can use these areas as you wish. Our grass carpet balcony products are not affected by sunlight at all (or are only slightly affected) and thus remain green all year round. Thus, at a much less cost, this villa, golf pitch, swimming pool, home garden terrace, and balconies will remain green all year round.

Will my garden drain as well with artificial grass?

Yes, thanks to the drainage channels added under the ground during the installation of artificial turf, water does not form on the artificial turf.

How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial grass floors are very durable. It has a lifetime of at least 10 years if the maintenance instructions are followed.

Does artificial grass need any ongoing maintenance?

Yes, but artificial turf care is much simpler than traditional turf care. Because it is very little you need to do for artificial turf care. For example, for artificial turf maintenance, it is sufficient to add granules every 6 months. In this way, your floor will be more flat and smooth. Apart from this, you can have a great floor by cleaning the wastes such as leaves or cigarette butts accumulated on the artificial turf.

Is it suitable for a household with pets?

Yes, artificial grass is pet friendly and pet friendly. Your cat and dog will love artificial grass.

Is artificial grass okay for families with children?

Yes, artificial turf floors are very soft. In this way, your children can play very safely in the garden covered with artificial grass and spend time with you.

Landscape artificial grass experts

Artificial turf landscape experts are companies or people who make different designs to make your garden the most beautiful. As Ekip Grass, we offer you the best quality artificial landscape grass and we strive to give your garden a modern look. If you are looking for landscape artificial grass experts, all you have to do is contact us.

Landscape Lawn

We are here with artificial landscape lawn models that you can use in your gardens. By examining our website, you can choose the most suitable model for your garden. We have many artificial landscape grass products in different price ranges. You can order the model you need by calling us.

Our landscape lawn is perfect for your garden and backyard! As an artificial landscape grass company, we are here to give the best services for you.

Don’t you want child-friendly, eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and low-maintenance artificial grass for your garden? Artificial grass, which is green for 4 seasons and much more durable than traditional grass, will be an excellent choice for your garden.

  • How to Use Artificial Grass for Landscaping?
    In general, we can say that artificial grass can be used for decorative or landscaping purposes in two ways; vertical and horizontal. Horizontal use is the same way with the sport turf systems, placing or laying artificial grass on the ground. This usage may be anywhere you want to. Most of them are;
    • Backyards,
    • Public buildings,
    • Landscaping of highways and especially intersections,
    • Villas, Hotel, Restauran
    • Swimming pools,
    • Balconies,
    • Terraces,
    • Parks,
    • Playgrounds,
    • Golf pitch
    and of course, there are so many other places.
  • How to Lay Landscape Turf?
    The most important process of laying landscape artificial grass is preparing the surface. Before laying artificial turf, you should carefully excavate the soil and grab all kinds of rocks and plant roots. Some soil contains clay intensively. In these cases, you should lay more sand than normal. But if there is much sand on the ground, you can use support from barks. Compacting the ground is also very important. You have to compact the soil or the ground after the excavation and filling process. If you have enough budget, you should definitely use a caterpillar or something similar. But if you can’t, you should use some heavy things like a full barrel for compaction.
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