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The Maximum quality by PADELES for your court!!


Here is few things you need to know about PADEL

  • Padel ,which is first played in 1969 in Mexico, is a raquet sport.
  • Highest autority of Padel is International Padel Federation since 1991.
  • Padel is played in pairs.
  • Each year, World Padel Tour be organized in many countries.

We, EKIP GRASS have produced and developed padel grass with the highest performance and endurance for your courts. With Monoflament and fibrilated padel grass options, we offer you high standard and longlast padel grass by EKIP GRASS warranty.


  • 12 MM 30 Stitches
  • Latex Backing
  • 8800 dtex
  • 2850 total weight
padel grass


  • 12 MM 30 Stitches
  • Latex Backing
  • 5500 dtex
  • 2560 total weight
  • Certified and Laborotary tested yarn
  • Fibrilated and Monoflament options
  • Multicolor options
  • High density and performance according to the rules of IPF
  • Maximum UV stability
  • High Density for max. Ball & ground interaction

As one of the biggest padel grass suppliers all around the World, EKIP GRASS would like to share its reference countries such as SPAIN, FRANCE, UK, RUSSIA, CHILE, UAE, QATAR, OMAN, INDONESIA, ALBANIA, etc.

Padel Court Cover Area

EKIP GRASS presents its padel court cover area with the highest quality of Steel.

  • Padel court is 10*20 m2.
  • The fenced area is 3 m and the glass area is 4 m.
  • Maximum quality of material with cover structure with Galvanized and metal options.
  • Resistant and recyclable material
With high experience in fencing materials, EKIP GRASS presents 4 mm thick galvanized steel fencing for your padel court.

Padel Court Glass

Highest quality in padel grass & cover area matches with highest quality of padel glass.

  • Thickness = 8,10,12 mm
  • Width = 2050-2500 mm
  • Lenght = 6.100 mm
  • Protection UV = Protected on both sides.
  • Harmonised Standard = EN 16240:2013
  • Color options = CLEAR – OPAL – GREEN BRONZE – GRIS – BLUE
padel glass

Padel Court Tennis Set

padel nets
  • Length = 140 cm
  • Made of 76 * 2,5 mm metal pipe
  • Pulley system
  • Tensioning system
  • Mapa system with 360 degrees for rotating
  • Special bent hooks
  • 30 cm eyebolt system on the ground

Padel Court Lighting

padel lighting
  • 150 WATT
  • Die-cast aluminum housing Aluminium reflector
  • Tempered Glass
  • Electrostatic powder coated

Padel Tennis FAQ

Padel is a kind of racket sport and although it is not as popular as tennis in the world, it is especially popular in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

Padel tennis is a racquet sport. It is different from the sport known as “paddle tennis” in the US and Canada. Padel is typically played in pairs on an indoor court, which is about 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. The scoring is the same as in regular tennis, and the balls used are similar, but played with slightly less force.

Padel, which has the same rules as tennis, is played over 3 sets. Unlike tennis, he has the right to hit the walls (glass) that he surrounds. It is played in teams of two (4 people). The area surrounded by wires has open doors. If the player sees the need, he has a chance to get out the door, which makes the game more exciting and continuous.

The area required for a Padel field is 20 m. x 10 m.‘dir. It is about a third of the size of the tennis court. The same floor and net are used as in tennis. Side walls of the court(glass) 3 m. its rear walls(glass) are 4 m. it is translated to be. Two international decked Padel courts can be easily installed in the full-size tennis court area. Courts can be built according to the same criteria as a tennis court outdoors or indoors. The walls of a Padel court are typically made using glass (traceable); but plywood also works (non-traceable).

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