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Artificial grass landscaping ideas

Artificial grass landscaping ideas

The landscape is work done to green our environment. Artificial turf is the most widely used material for landscaping today. Artificial turf is preferred for landscaping because of its durability and durability. In fact, there are many types of landscape. Such as urban landscape, industrial landscape, tourist landscape, road landscape, forest landscape, artificial grass garden landscape. For example; Imagine a child in the park.

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You can see our landscaping grass below.

On one side, with its surroundings, beautiful residential area, lighting, afforestation, seating areas, there is an area where our children can play comfortably and safely. On the other side, there is a children’s playground and there are concrete piles, piles of soil, rubbish ruins, grassy, ​​stony areas around.

In which field would we like to play our child? Of course, we would like to play our children in an area with artificial turf landscaping that is appealing to the eye with its appearance, with its green, vivid colors, and aesthetically beautiful appearance.

What is the cheapest type of landscaping?

The cheapest way to landscape is to use artificial turf. Artificial grass is both a long-lasting and durable ground type. Therefore, it is the easiest way to landscape.

How can we try to decorate every corner, every square of our house, clean, organize, try to evaluate our empty spaces, we plant our garden? We flower our garden where we make artificial grass landscaping, we make living spaces to leave ourselves into nature, we should organize our nature and settlement areas just like our house and keep it clean; Let our world live in a state.

Like our own home, the world is our home with its nature, seas, and mountains. Protecting our world, our only home, is one of our most important tasks. Without our home we cannot have our world, without our world we cannot have our home. That is why landscape occupies such an important place in our lives.

Advantages of Artificial Landscaping Grass

Artificial grass usage areas are quite common and one of the most important usage areas is landscape works. There are many reasons why landscaping is done with artificial turf. Let us explain to you the advantages of artificial turf.

  • Artificial turf is produced from UV-protected materials.
  • Suitable for 4 seasons.
  • Each season has a vivid image of the same color.
  • Artificial turf does not fade.
  • Resistant to sunlight.
  • Decorative objects can be placed on artificial turf carpets.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No need for irrigation.
  • The cost is very low.

If you want to have a good artificial turf carpet, make sure these carpets are made of polyethylene rope. Polyethylene rope is one of the most durable materials used in artificial turf production.

We are producing very high-quality artificial grass for the artificial landscape. We are Turkey’s best artificial turf manufacturers and sports fields manufacturers company. You can get the best artificial turf landscaping ideas for your areas through us.

Is artificial landscaping grass smell?

artificail grass models

No, artificial landscaping lawn definitely does not smells. Under normal conditions, you will not get the bad smell of artificial plastic grass. This is another advantage of artificial turf. It does not emit a bad smell to the environment and is visually perfect.

Landscape Synthetic Turf is the most used form of decoration today. It is preferable with its quite realistic and natural appearance. Under normal conditions, it can have a very bad appearance in winter with the effect of bad weather conditions on the garden landscape. Because natural grass wears quickly in bad weather conditions and loses its aesthetic appearance. Therefore, artificial turf should be preferred for garden landscaping.

Also, artificial grass is more economical than natural grass when maintenance costs are taken into consideration. Because artificial turf is produced from maintenance-free materials. It doesn’t even need irrigation, so there’s no extra cost.

If you want to have landscaping artificial turf you can prefer it with peace of mind. If you want your environment to have a greener appearance with artificial turf, please choose us.

Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is a must for our gardens. There is no limit to the landscape products you can use according to the image and design you want to create. In addition to planting, products such as pebbles will add a different atmosphere to your garden. For example, you can make pebble strings on the right and left sides of the walkway. It would be the right decision to get advice from the landscape companies as the planting because you can learn a lot of information such as the living environment of your plants.

  • Use of flowers in the garden

You can have hundreds of options for which flower to use in the garden. Our advice is for flowers that are compatible with your preferred landscaping products (if possible, flowers can be selected according to the concept). It is also important to note that you should use a maximum of 3 types of flowers in terms of garden spaciousness.

  • Garden Furniture

One of the first things that come to mind when we think about garden decoration is garden furniture. One of the most important things to consider when buying garden furniture is that it can save space. Examples include folding tables and chairs. Besides, the use of wood as a material in the furniture you will get will create a natural look in the garden.

  • How long does artificial grass last?
    Artificial grass can be used for many years with peace of mind. Artificial lawns with a lifetime of at least 10 years can be used for even longer years with small maintenance techniques. Therefore, the cost of the renovation is quite low. Because you do not need to constantly maintain and renew.
  • How often should I clean my artificial grass?
    Artificial turf has a beautiful appearance thanks to the removal of waste accumulated on it once a week. Artificial grass does not require dirt and does not require any further maintenance procedures. That’s why you only need to clean up the accumulated waste once a week.
  • Is artificial grass suitable for pets?
    Yes, your pets can play easily on artificial turf. Since the artificial grass is not worn, your pets cannot damage the artificial grass. This is another advantage of artificial turf. Do not wear like natural grass.
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