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Construction of Sportf Field Turf Ideas. In this category you find the information about artificial grass sport field’s maintenance, care and installation.

What is Grass Fence?

What is Grass Fence? Grass fence; It is a modern, aesthetic, stylish, and rust-resistant type of fence that acts as a wall and hides its environment when viewed from the outside. It is produced using artificial grass. Grass fence panel models, which are usually used as garden fences, are also used in areas such as …

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Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company

10 Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey

Artificial Grass Company Turkey Artificial grass companies continue to produce very successful businesses in Turkey. Especially in the last 15-20 years, the increase in the number of artificial grass companies in Turkey is quite impressive. There are many successful companies in the sector. Below you will see the best artificial turf manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters …

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Artificial Grass

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is an equivalent type of ground designed to replace natural grass. It is produced using synthetic threads but does not contain any substances harmful to health. While it is used for landscaping purposes especially in gardens, it is also used as a safe ground type in sports fields. The sport in which artificial …

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artificial grass manufacturer company

Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company

Artificial grass is a type of artificial grass that is shaped using synthetic yarns produced with advanced technology. So artificial grass is a ready-made lawn model that is often used especially for landscape, garden design, and sport facilities surfaces. Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, fake grass, artificial lawn, etc is produced and sold …

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lay artificial grass

How to Lay Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is the most used product in carpet field construction. While natural grass was used in the construction of carpet pitches in the past, artificial grass is preferred today. So how to install artificial grass? Diy artificial grass installation is so easy. Briefly, artificial turf installation is done as follows; First of all, you need …

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What is Padel Tennis?

Are you ready to meet Padel, the fastest growing and most popular sport in the world? Padel is a racquet sport played with a tennis racket and ball. Which has similar characteristics to tennis. Popular sports branch, especially in Latin American countries Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. Europe’s padel tennis representatives are Spain and England. It’s …

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Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Artificial Grass Buying Guide Artificial Grass; It is a type of grass that is frequently used in sports field construction and landscaping applications instead of natural grass. Artificial turf, which can be produced with different features according to the area to be used, is very advantageous. Synthetic grass, which is a more durable and quality product when compared to natural …

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