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Soccer Pitch Construction

Indoor carpet field construction should be carried out with quality artificial grass made by expert companies, and suitable for 4 seasons use. Would you like to have the latest technology indoor carpet pitches with Ekip Grass assurance?

While outdoor carpet fields are not preferred by everyone in the winter months, indoor carpet fields are more useful in the winter months. That's why we want to give you some information about indoor carpet pitch construction today.

Ekip Grass is one of the best indoor soccer carpet field constructor and outdoor soccer carpet field pitches constructors in Turkey. When combined with our superior technology and experience, very nice projects emerge. As a company that has made many carpet productions in the world, our references are very strong. At Ekip Grass, you can be sure that we will build the best quality and long-lasting indoor carpet areas.

Indoor carpet field construction is an area that requires expertise. We also make ground analysis firstly with our expert team and technical staff and use the most suitable ground materials in your field. For this reason, you can have long-lasting carpet pitches at an affordable price by contacting the indoor carpet field construction specialist Ekip Grass.


With our artificial grass specially produced for football, we will realize a football pitch installation where you will enjoy football. We work with an understanding that never compromises on quality and we offer you the most suitable indoor carpet field systems. There are 5 basic stages of indoor carpet field construction.

Carpet Field Construction Stages

1.Infrastructure works

2.Iron / Steel construction processes

3.Covering artificial turf pitches

4.Covering the covered carpet pitch ceiling

5.Installation of lighting products

Indoor carpet field construction consisting of 5 stages is a very detailed job. Below you can examine the carpet field construction stages in detail.

Indoor Carpet Field Infrastructure Works To put it briefly, firstly, infrastructure works are done in the area where the carpet will be built. The purpose of these studies is to make the field ground usable. Also, drainage channels are made on the carpet floor during the infrastructure works.

Drainage channels; It is the name given to the channels that allow the water coming to the field floor to be thrown out easily.

Another purpose of the infrastructure works is to prevent the ground from collapsing. It is necessary to realize the meticulousness of making a real football field in indoor soccer carpet field construction. At this point, the area to be covered carpet area is dug and iron stakes are mounted around it. The excavated ground is leveled and concrete is poured.Then the remaining area is covered with stone chips. Thus, the floor becomes ready for laying artificial grass.

Iron / Steel Construction Processes

The second stage is the iron and steel construction processes. Here, the general appearance of your carpet area appears with iron and steel processes. And all necessary operations are done to create a real mini football field. After laying the 3-meter steel columns around the carpet area, the ceiling is made and the indoor carpet area has a general view.

Artificial Grass Carpet Laying

At this stage, the most enjoyable part takes place. With the 3rd Stage, which is artificial grass carpet flooring, the field is colored and it looks like a real football field. Artificial turf is laid on a closed carpet pitch and granule filling is made on it. With the granule filling, the floor is smoothed and a smooth floor is obtained.

Indoor carpet pitch ceiling covering

3 materials can be used at this point. Depending on the demand of our clients

Sheet Coating

Tarpaulin Coating

PVC coating

we have varieties. Closed carpet areas are covered with a tarpaulin that opens and closes. In summer, tarpaulins can be opened if this carpet field is desired.

Installation of lighting systems

Finally, indoor carpet field lighting systems are installed. Here 400W projector is generally used. Depending on demand, 150W or 200W LED lighting systems can also be used. After the installation of the lighting systems, the indoor carpet field is ready for use! The indoor areas created with Ekip Spor assurance provide 100% customer satisfaction. For this reason, please contact us for indoor soccer field construction and installation.

What are indoor carpet pitch sizes ?

Persons can make indoor soccer carpet pitches in different sizes according to the size of their area. Indoor carpet pitch measurements are as follows;

•Ideal Indoor Carpet Pitch Size: 30 meters x 50 meters •Medium Size Indoor Carpet Pitch Size: 25 meters x 45 meters •Smallest Commercial Carpet Pitch Size: 20 meters x 40 meters •Mini Carpet Pitch and Multipurpose Carpet Pitch Size 18 meters x 36 meters

The indoor soccer field can be installed in line with the above-mentioned dimensions. At the same time, the construction of a special size indoor carpet field specific to the area is also carried out by Ekip Grass.

If you are looking for an indoor carpet field for sale please contact us.

What do you need to know about indoor carpet field construction ?

If you want to have a professional indoor soccer field, you need to work with a company that does FIFA-approved projects. That's why we recommend you to work with our team who are experts in FIFA-approved indoor carpet field construction. Do not doubt that we will make you happy with our works focused entirely on customer satisfaction.

Designing the project to be done in the digital environment, and preparing it in 3D, and presenting it to you will help in removing the question marks in your mind. Therefore, we recommend you to work with a company that does its job professionally and presents it to you.

Indoor carpet field construction is easy. However, make sure that it is resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters. Here we need to renew that you need to work with companies that are experts in their field and that care about human health. As Ekip Grass, human health is paramount. Therefore, we first act with the human motto and we realize our projects in this direction.

What does indoor carpet field construction cost ?

Indoor carpet field construction cost varies. There are several reasons for this. Of course, the primary reason is the size of the carpet area. The cost varies according to the area of the carpet area. Depending on the types of lighting systems, whether artificial grass, wire mesh will be used in the carpet field, indoor carpet field cost varies.

If you want to learn the cost of an indoor carpet field that will be made with perfect workmanship, it is sufficient to contact us. As Ekip Grass, we are among the quality companies that install affordable indoor carpet pitches in the market. Indoor carpet field construction costs should not push your budget. For more information, please contact us.

At this point, we should also state that many factors affect the cost of construction of the carpet field. Of course, the biggest factor here is the square meter of the carpet area. Depending on the size of square meter size, the cost of construction of the carpet varies. The type of floor you choose is another factor that affects the cost of carpet field construction.

You can find many prices in the market under the title of artificial turf prices. However, not every artificial grass can be applied to all areas. For example, landscape artificial turf and carpet field artificial turf are different from each other. Accordingly, the price also changes. We recommend you make this distinction when you buy artificial grass.

What Effects the Costs?

Another factor that affects artificial grass carpet prices the conditions of the region. Depending on the region where the carpet will be built, the materials and equipment to be used vary. Therefore, the cost also changes.

Of course, the most important issue affecting the cost of construction of the carpet field is open or closed carpet field construction. The cost of outdoor carpet field construction and indoor carpet construction is different from each other. You can get the most detailed information from our customer representatives by contacting Ekip Grass at this point.

If you want to take advantage of artificial turf, please contact us for artificial turf prices. You can make profitable investments with carpet pitches that we will create without forcing your budget. Are Are you ready to meet with natural-looking, 4 seasons, and durable artificial grass? Then contactEkip Grass.

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