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How to buy the best artificial grass?

How to buy the best artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a kind of artificial grass whose raw material is petroleum. The reason for the production of artificial grass is that it is difficult to maintain natural grass. In addition, artificial grass avoids extra costs and is a maintenance-free ground type that looks like natural grass.

The artificial turf usage area is quite wide. Today, it can be used in every conceivable area for decoration purposes, as well as; In addition, it is preferred in football fields, synthetic tennis courts, multi-purpose fields, and golf courses where sports activities are held. The general audience for decorative use is those who make or have landscaped gardens with decorative landscape grass. Those who want to minimize the appearance of concrete in areas such as hotels and restaurants, and those who want to make the gardens look more pleasant in buildings such as sites.

Of course, the types of artificial grass used in every field are different from each other. Different types of artificial turf are used, such as garden artificial turf, artificial turf, tennis artificial turf, multi-purpose sports field artificial turf. Today, together with you, we will examine which artificial grass types are the most used and where they are used.

As Ekip Grass, we received the title of the best artificial turf producer in Turkey in 2021 and 2022 so on. The most used artificial grass varieties were produced by us. If you are looking for quality and affordable artificial turf varieties, Ekip Spor is the right address. Check out the artificial grass types now and get price information by contacting us. For soccer pitch construction and landscape applications, Ekip Grass is here for you.

artificial grass uses areas

Landscape artificial grass and sports field artificial grass is different from each other. Please know this distinction and prefer artificial grass. Or you can get support from our customer representatives by contacting Ekip Grass who is the best artificial grass manufacturer in Turkey.

At EkipGrass, we have about 30 years of experience in the artificial grass manufacturing industry. Since artificial grass has been used in sports fields, we have been in this sector and we are always manufacturing a better quality, more durable, and more technological artificial grass by following the technological developments.

Artificial grass is a very long-lasting and durable product. If maintenance procedures are carried out regularly, there is a minimum warranty of 10 years.

Artificial Grass For Sports

Artificial Grass For Landscaping

First of all, let’s examine what artificial turf is.

What is Artificial Turf?

what is artificial turf

Artificial turf, produced using a tufting machine, is an artificial carpet. Just as the carpets we use at home are produced by the weaving method, artificial turf is produced in the same way. However, unlike the normal carpet, materials are used that will give it the appearance of grass when weaving it. These substances are fibril and monofilament threads. Thanks to the threads in question, artificial grass has a realistic structure that cannot be distinguished from natural grass. Artificial smoke does not have a structure that grows with the care taken in small sizes like natural grass. It has certain heights. These heights vary from 5 mm to 70 mm. You can choose suitable heights according to the purpose of use and where they will be used.

Now that we understand what artificial grass is and its structure, we can give detailed information about artificial grass types.

Let’s start then.

Most Used Artificial Grass Types

uses areas of artificial grass

Artificial turf is a cutting-edge product used in many industries today. Artificial grass is a durable product that gives very practical results, it’s fun to play, move on. As Ekip Grass, we are among the best artificial grass manufacturer in Turkey. So how to get the best quality artificial grass as an artificial grass manufacturer? What should be considered when buying artificial turf? Why should artificial turf be preferred? You will get help on these issues.

Artificial grass carpet has been used frequently in recent years. So, what are artificial grass types? There are so many of them and we won’t take them one by one here. You can check for our article about the types of artificial sports turfs and have an opinion about them. Artificial grass types may vary from company to company. Our firm is one of the biggest artificial grass company in our country, and have a vast variety of products.

As we mentioned before, the type of product change according to the purpose and the place of the application. Today there are different products for residential grass, commercial grass, sports grass, putting green, and pet grass. For more detailed information, you can contact us on our website.

Because it can be used in any environment. Below you can see the artificial grass uses areas such as;

  • Residential Grass
  • Commercial Grass
  • Sports Grass
  • Putting Green
  • Pet Grass

Let’s start to learn about these artificial grass types.

Sports Grass

artificial sport grass

This is the most common and the inventor place for artificial grass. As natural grass is expensive to install and maintain, artificial grass is invented to replace it. So today, most of the football fields and other pitches like;

  • Training Fields,
  • Tennis Court
  • Athletic Track,
  • Baseball Field,
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Hockey Pitch
  • Lacrosse Field
  • Multi-Purpose Sports Fields.
  • Bocce Ball Field
  • Indoor Gym

Artificial turf pitches enable the performance of the athletes to reach the maximum level. The quality of the artificial turf used on the ground increases the surface durability. This provides maximum safety for athletes. There are many types of artificial turf used for sports fields. There are artificial turf varieties produced specifically for each sports field. For example, a different type of artificial turf is produced for football and baseball. This ensures that every sport is performed on a safe surface in a quality manner.

Artificial turf, produced using nylon and polypropylene threads, reduces the slipperiness of the ground. In addition, artificial turf produced using the strongest fibers is resistant to bad weather conditions. In addition, artificial grass, which is resistant to UV rays, is so durable that its color does not fade in very hot weather.

While checking the suitability of artificial turf for sports fields, the bounce rate of the ball, the slipperiness of the ground, and the rolling speed of the ball are tested. If the artificial turf fields that comply with these quality standards are approved by FIFA, a FIFA-approved artificial turf field is made. FIFA-approved artificial turf is installed with FIFA-approved artificial turf. It is also used in the construction of stadiums for professional football matches.

Residential Grass

residential artificial grass

The second general place of use is our backyards or gardens of homes. The use of artificial turf is very common inside or outside the home. As we mentioned before that artificial grass is very economic for maintenance and endurance, more and more people prefer artificial grass for their homes. especially residential grass used on;

  • Balcony
  • Deck
  • Roof
  • Garden and Patio
  • Pool Surround
  • Yard and Backyard

The benefits of artificial grass make it popular for other general use types. City management, building estates, and other managerial establishments prefer artificial grass for landscaping. Because artificial grass is more economical, easy to maintain, and serves the same functions as natural grass with more advantages.

If you are looking for a residential artificial grass supplier and manufacturer as Ekip Grass we are here to give the best services to you. Contact us now for environmentally friendly, long-lasting, safe for children, pet-friendly, easy-care artificial grass varieties.

Commercial Grass

event artificial grass

Artificial turf is often used in commercial landscaping. The reason for this is that it supports advertising activities by showing the business using more beautiful and aesthetically. High-quality commercial artificial turf should be weatherproof, colorfast, and long-lasting. Because it will be used in areas exposed to heavy foot traffic. The service life should also belong in this context. The commercial artificial grass is used on many fields such as;

  • Commercial landscaping
  • Festival and Event Space
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Retail Display

If you are looking for wholesale commercial artificial grass Ekip Grass is here to give the best services to you. Artificial turf, which is an excellent option for landscape works, is also very advantageous in many respects. Every commercial business wants to use a lawn with a low maintenance cost, long life, and aesthetics. You can also choose the most suitable one among the first-class artificial grass varieties and buy it.

Putting Green

golf grass

Putting green is one of the most used areas of artificial turf. As a manufacturer of artificial turf golf courses, Ekip Grass designs the best sports fields for you by using the highest quality artificial turf. You can create a beautiful outdoor activity area for professional or amateur golf enthusiasts. Even a mini-golf course for your backyard will do the trick. You can also taste this pleasure with artificial golf turf.

It’s not as difficult as you might think. You can easily access this area by using artificial golf grass while landscaping the garden. Then you have an artificial turf golf course to spend quality time with your family and friends.

If you are looking for putting green artificial grass manufacturer as Ekip Grass we are here to give the best services to you.

Pet Grass

pet friendly grass

Synthetic grass is a pet-friendly option.

Tired of cleaning your garden? Do you have a pet and your garden is getting very dirty? Then it’s time to meet artificial turf. Once pet grass is installed in your garden, you will never have a problem. Because the artificial grass, which is specially produced for pets, does not fade, is long-lasting, and easy to clean. This ensures that your garden remains sterile for longer. You can also spend time comfortably in your garden with your pets. If you are asking where to buy artificial grass for your pets Ekip Grass will help you to choose the best one.

If you are looking for pet-friendly artificial grass ready to meet Ekip Grass’ artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Types According to Usage Areas

  • Football fields
  • Outdoor or indoor carpet pitch construction
  • Tennis court construction
  • Multi-purpose field construction
  • Golf course construction
  • Baseball field construction
  • Rugby court construction
  • Garden landscape
  • Roof landscape
  • Balcony landscape
  • Terrace landscape
  • For landscaping in the reconstructed areas of the cities

As you can see, there are many types of artificial turf. Below you can find applied images of artificial grass varieties according to their usage areas. If you want to buy artificial grass according to the area of use, we can help you with the most suitable artificial grass type.

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