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The bleachers are divided into three within themselves. The construction of these three bleachers is quite different from each other. Even if the basic purposes are the same, they differ from each other in their construction.

These types of bleachers are mobile bleachers, portable bleachers, and telescopic bleachers. Each grandstand is made of high-quality and robust materials.

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Tribune Construction Prices

It would be a mistake to say something certain for grandstand construction prices, which vary depending on the area to be made and the quality of the materials. You can get price information by contacting us.

Mobile Tribune: 33 cm x 43 cm x 42 cm Request Price Information
Portable Grandstand: 33 cm x 43 cm x 42 cm Request Price Information
Telescopic Grandstand: 38×75 cm Request Price Information
Contact us for steel grandstand, portable grandstand construction for the football stadium.
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Grandstand Construction FAQ

All materials and accessories to be used in installation must be high quality and long-lasting. Bleachers purchased from the guaranteed place should be repaired and replaced with the team in case of a possible malfunction and problem.

If you bought it from a place without a warranty and it was installed, you may have a headache. Make sure that the TSE certificate and products have a TSE stamp.

If possible, make sure that the seats are non-slip and non-dirty. If you have selected a seat model that opens an

If you want to have a professional indoor soccer field, you need to work with a company that does FIFA-approved projects. That’s why we recommend you to work with our team who are experts in FIFA-approved indoor carpet field construction. Do not doubt that we will make you happy with our works focused entirely on customer satisfaction.

The most commonly preferred areas are used in sports halls for performances for spectators in various games and studies. Telescopic bleachers can be opened and closed by the remote control system or manually. Here, the working principle is prepared according to your needs and requests.

Thanks to the wheel system suitable for telescopic bleachers, it is possible to use in all areas. This type of grandstand is designed not to narrow the space to be installed. This mobile seating group, which has many advantages, can be folded by intertwining and gained with a distance of only 1 meter 15 centimeters, or 20 centimeters at the bottom of the wall. In this way, the area expands.

Portable bleachers provide serious advantages and alternatives to the user. It saves space in the places where it is made thanks to its opening and closing and intertwined structure. In this way, many sports can be done in one area.

The construction phase of the telescopic grandstand requires extreme care and professionalism. During the construction stages, care must be taken and it must be done with care. A possible technical error could even get the grandstand done from the beginning.

The height and width of the Platform are determined according to the hall or area. The motorized mechanism is adjusted in the best way and the installation starts. If necessary or desired, the system’s operability with the remote control is completed. The distance between seats is an issue that needs to be considered extremely during the construction phase.

Because in a nested system, this can cause problems. Ladder sizes are adjusted. Telescopic grandstand construction is made by combining parts manufactured in special molds with a gas welding system since the carcass system is of different sizes. Platform structure, which is the material to be installed on it by welding itself; PVC, wood, flooring, etc. Montelena features.

It is useful to make the source in the most accurate form and to take care of it. Other materials that make up the shape of this grandstand consist of a portable structure. Also, electrostatic powder coating will be applied to the platform and seats in which color is selected. Electrostatic paint is a long-lasting and durable paint, and it is not possible to encounter any shedding or peeling in the paint.

PVC or tiles to be made on the Platform are specially glued and installed. The materials used at this stage are TSE-stamped materials. All materials used here must be TSE stamped. It is useful to avoid this document or products that do not have a TSE stamp. For it to work smoothly, its installation should be paid close attention to.

For this purpose, first of all, the bearing and shaft must be connected. Bearings used when making Tribune should consist of straight and linear bearings. The shaft used must be made of mercury Steel materials.

2 bearings and shafts should be used between both feet. In this way, the system feet work independently of each other, and the feet open and close without rubbing against each other. If the feet rub together, they should be repaired or repaired immediately. Otherwise, it could cause bigger problems in the future.

As the name suggests, a mobile grandstand is a type of grandstand that can be taken from one place to another. In this way, it provides easy operation. It is most commonly used in shows, events, concerts, or competitions.

The grandstand is prepared according to the width of the field and the potential of the person. The mobile Tribune is owned by a person or company, as well as by companies engaged in the Tribune business.

The installation of a mobile grandstand should be done with great care and care. These bleachers with multiple seating areas are a seating area mounted on a steel construction or wooden system. These products can be disassembled and moved to another location and inst

These grandstand systems have connecting rods consisting of multi-functional parts. It also consists of seats and walking parts. Mobile bleachers can be easily installed on all kinds of floors.

They are not affected by sunlight. It can be used for years without any problems. They are long-lasting and durable products. There is no problem with problems such as hitting hard. Paints are of high quality and qualified.

Shedding, peeling, etc. problems don’t happen. As in the portable grandstand, field inspection takes precedence. There are seats with polyethylene raw material on the system. In this system, the seats are added to each other with 2 screws. Foot ranges are 200 centimeters in size.

The shortest answer to the question of what is a portable bleacher is the bleachers that are dismantled and installed. Nowadays, these bleachers are generally used to increase the capacity of gyms, to offer guests comfortable places in festival areas, and to entertain guests at parades or ceremonies.

These bleachers created with the nesting model can be installed and dismantled at any time. It is widely used all over the world. Thanks to easy assembly, it is installed quickly and responds to the need within hours.

First, investigations are carried out in the area determined by you. The size of the grandstand will be determined by the measurements to be taken. Again, the color and model you want and need are determined by you.

The materials to be used are determined. Then a preliminary visual is prepared and presented to the customer via the computer. After receiving the customer’s approval, its production starts. The installation and installation of the portable grandstand, which has finished production, is carried out and delivered within hours.

Portable bleachers are manufactured in two forms. They are divided into roofed and roofless. Portable bleachers consist of modular systems. All materials are used as disassembles. The seating groups we use in portable bleachers are made of polypropylene copolymer materials. Installation is done in the desired or required number and color.

It is usually a type of grandstand that is more suitable for use in open spaces. It is a very useful and high-quality product. Especially indoor portable bleachers are much more useful but are not affected by seasonal conditions. Portable indoor bleachers, thanks to rain, snow, hail, etc. weather conditions do no damage to the grandstand.

It is not affected by the sun’s rays and has UV protection. All materials used in its production are treated extremely meticulously. Besides not holding rust, it does not contain stains on it. Cleaning and maintenance are quite simple. It does not require any additional maintenance. It is used very conveniently for a long time after its installation is completed.

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