Ekip Grass


Ekip Grass completed Hasköy Futbol Sahası project in Muş. Within the scope of FIFA Quality Program, it completed the field installation by using Leon Grass product accredited by FIFA. Hasköy Futbol Sahası, which we have completed with our FIFA Quality Certificate, is capable of hosting international matches.

We have created a quality football surface by using FIFA approved artificial turf in the new field of Muş Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports (Turkey). We offered young people the pleasure of playing football on a safer and more solid ground. With our high quality turf national and regional tournaments can be hosted on a more secure ground.

We have created a field that complies with FIFA QUALITY PROGRAMME FOR FOOTBALL TURF – FIFA QUALITY standard, which is a long-term investment within the scope of FIFA goal program. We want to spread our FIFA certified artificial turf to all countries in order to contribute to the development of football all over the world and we are working hard to achieve this goal.

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