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Fıfa Qualıty Artıfıcıal Turf Company

Fıfa Qualıty Artıfıcıal Turf Company

Artificial turf has been used in many sports fields since the 1960s. Football is the sport in which artificial turf systems are used the most. From the past to the present, unfilled, sand-filled, and rubber-filled artificial turf varieties have been used on football fields. The most popular and correct option in recent years is the rubber-filled artificial turf.

According to the standards set by FIFA, rubber-filled artificial turf varieties were accepted as the most suitable turf for the football ground. If you are looking for a FIFA quality artificial turf company for your carpet field or football field, we, as Ekip Grass, offer you the best quality artificial turf.

So is every football turf means artificial turf? Let us examine and inform you about artificial turf, which is the most suitable for football.

Is Football Turf Mean Artificial Turf?

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FIFA discovered artificial turf to play football on a higher quality ground. Of course, the artificial grass produced in the 1960s and the current 3rd generation of artificial grass varieties is quite different. Artificial turf is preferred over natural turf, as it is a system that is more resistant to bad weather conditions and does not wear out easily in intensive use. Artificial turf, which is tested and approved in FIFA laboratories, is determined as football grass under the FIFA Quality Programme.

FIFA QUALİTY PROGRAMME FOR FOOTBALL TURF  You can learn more about FIFA Quality Football Turf from the link here.

What is FIFA Quality Pro turf?

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Football artificial turf approved by FIFA is divided into 2 categories.

  1. FIFA Quality: For public and amateur football pitches
  2. FIFA Quality Pro: For professional football pitches

As Ekip Grass, we would like to happily state that the artificial turf we produce has been approved within the scope of the FIFA Quality Program. If you are looking for a FIFA quality artificial turf company, it is sufficient to contact us.

What brand of artificial grass is best?

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Ekip Grass is a successful artificial grass brand that produces artificial turf by FIFA standards. We produce artificial turf that enhances the quality of football by strengthening the bond between the player, the ball, and the ground with its superior seam quality, service life, resistance to bad weather conditions, and product coverage.

Which artificial turf is best for football?

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If you are looking for the best artificial turf for football, you should buy artificial turf by FIFA standards. In this context, the best artificial turf for football should comply with the following criteria;

  • Long service life
  • High sewing quality
  • Resistance to bad weather conditions
  • Quality Product Content
  • It should ensure the harmony of the ball and the ground
  • It should ensure the harmony of the player and the ground.

Does FIFA use artificial turf?

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In line with the standards determined by FIFA for football, it envisages the use of FIFA-approved artificial turf on professional football fields. With this context, it approves the use of artificial grass that is suitable for multi-purpose use, resistant to sunlight, and resistant to bad weather conditions. In this context, the FIFA 1 TEST and FIFA 2 TEST, select artificial turf suitable for use on football fields.

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