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What are the Dimensions and Characteristics of the Mini Football Fields?

The trend for mini-football is growing every day. These fields are the same as the artificial soccer fields that are often preferred in schools. But the only difference is in size. When you reduce the size of a standard soccer field symmetrically, you have a mini soccer field. But mini-football fields don’t have standard sizes. Because they can vary depending on the width of the room and other needs. So, how to make a mini football field? What is the mini football field size? We can change the sizes according to the customer’s requirements.

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What are the Dimensions of a Mini-Football field?

Dimensions of a Mini-Football field

As we mentioned earlier, the sizes vary depending on the needs and requirements. But we use some standard sizes that are proportional together. These are the ideal dimensions for creating a perfect field. Sizes;

What are the sizes of mini football fields?

  • 20 x 40 m
  • 25 x 45 m
  • 30 x 50 m

The most popular and preferred size is 30 x 50 m. This size is very suitable for schools and residential complexes, but for small spaces such as private property, usually choose a size of 20 x 40 m.

So many criteria can affect the size of the field; what is the purpose of the field, the features of the ground and surface, whether there is an oval border or not. Even if you choose 30 x 50 m and the ground characteristics are inadequate, you may need to reduce the size. So the first and most important phase is the first; which is field analysis. The field analysis process should be carried out by a professional team and within the appropriate time frame. After that, possible options are determined, and the solution will be formed by the requirements of customers.

How To Post A Field

Building a mini-football field, just like a soccer pitch construction, is a bit difficult. From the outside, this may seem like a very simple task, but it is not. There are so many other jobs that don’t seem to be on the outside.

The first step is to ensure proper infrastructure and drainage systems. After that, the compaction process begins. Then the stone chips are filled in and compacted again. Finally, the concrete field is prepared. After that, a special cell system is built, after which a fence and nets are put up. Then begins the stage of laying artificial grass. This is a distinctive feature of mini-football fields. Instead of pellets for sports fields or tennis courts, we use artificial grass, which is very similar to natural grass.

After surface preparation, the marking process begins. All the necessary football markings are carefully processed. After this process, goals are set. Then the putty material is laid. After cleaning these materials, the field will be ready to play.

How much does a mini football field cost?

Mini football field cost varies depending on the size of the mini football field. In addition, the installation equipment and ground materials used on the field are also effective on the installation cost of the mini football field. All you have to do for the mini football field installation cost is to contact us.

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