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Differences Between Hybrid Grass and Artificial Grass

Many different types of grass are used for the football field ground. Natural grass, artificial grass, and finally hybrid grass are the most popular among the football field flooring types. We know that natural grass is used very little now due to the high maintenance cost and lowering the quality of football in bad weather conditions. However, natural grass floors are the most suitable grounds for football.

The increasing passion for football and the frequent use of football fields over time have made natural grass an unusable ground type. Artificial grass was the first grass type produced as an alternative to natural grass under these conditions. Artificial grass is a completely different product from natural grass. So, Artificial turf, which is produced using completely synthetic fibers, is a very long-lasting floor type suitable for use in 4 seasons.

However, since artificial grass grounds do not fully reflect the quality football on the natural grass ground, hybrid grass technology has been developed as an alternative to artificial turf. Hybrid grass is a type of grass consisting of artificial grass and natural grass. This hybrid grass system, known as reinforced natural grass, provides football players with a natural turf texture and reflects the durability of artificial turf.

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Now we can continue our article.

So what are the differences between artificial turf and hybrid turf? In which conditions and under which conditions should hybrid grass be preferred? Let’s examine it in detail.

Hybrid Turf vs Artificial Turf

Artificial TurfHybrid Turf
Does not require irrigation.It requires irrigation as it is natural grass seeds.
The ground is not damaged when playing football.When playing football, the ground suffers very little damage. But the ground recovers very quickly.
In bad weather conditions, mud does not form on the ground.In bad weather conditions, there is very little mud formation on the ground. But the ground quickly regenerates itself.
The return on investment is high.The return on investment is high.
The maintenance cost is very low.The maintenance cost is very low.
It is produced using completely synthetic yarns.Hybrid grass is laid on the ground using natural grass seeds and synthetic threads.
It is quite long-lasting.Although not as long as artificial grass, it is long-lasting, but it offers a very high-quality football opportunity to the athletes.
It is resistant to sunlight and does not fade over time.It is resistant to sunlight, but because it is natural grass leaves, its color may turn yellow over time. So it requires regular watering.

Is Hybrid Grass Good?


Of course, hybrid grass is a very durable and long-lasting football field ground type produced with advanced technology. The best quality ground type on which football players will play football is natural grass. Therefore, hybrid grass has been used to prevent the disadvantages of natural grass. That’s why hybrid grass is the closest type of ground to natural grass ground and it is very enjoyable to play football on it.

The risk of injury on hybrid turf floors is very low. They are floors with reduced slipperiness as they are not produced only with natural grass. Therefore, the probability of football players slipping and falling on the ground is very low.

When we compare synthetic grass and hybrid grass, we can list the results as follows;

  • Synthetic turf lasts longer, but hybrid turf offers a more comfortable football opportunity.
  • Hybrid grass is known as reinforced natural grass and very successful results are obtained when quality companies are preferred.
  • Barcelona, ​​one of the best clubs in the world, preferred hybrid turf for its football field. Camp Nou now has a hybrid turf and Barcelona’s success, as you know, is quite high.
  • In addition, English Premier League football fields are being converted into hybrid grass fields one by one.
  • Hybrid turf, which is called the football ground of the future, is a much more successful type of ground than artificial turf.
  • The maintenance cost of synthetic grass is low and it is very easy to use, so it is highly preferred. Synthetic grass is also a very successful football ground, but the hybrid grass ground allows you to display a completely natural football.

If you are an investor who is undecided between hybrid turf and artificial turf, we can help you make the right decision by contacting Ekip Grass.

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