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How to Calculate the Cost of Artificial Football Pitch Construction?

Football is the most popular sports game all around the world. So, all the aspects of the game are related to money. There are several ways to make money from football; players get money from the clubs, clubs earn money from the audiences and TV channels, TV channels get money from the watchers, and watchers earn money from the bets. This list goes on and on. But, there is one other way of earning from football; running a football pitch.

How much does a full-size artificial soccer pitch cost?

To run a football pitch, you need to have one. And you should keep it operable all the time to attract your clients. So, the most proper football pitch to run is artificial football pitches. So, as a venue owner, you have the biggest question; how much does an artificial football pitch cost? What are the expenses of astroturf fields? And, how can we calculate the cost of artificial football pitch construction?

The cost of a football field differentiates according to different countries. At Ekip Sports Company, we are manufacturing top-quality artificial grass and also construct football pitches. So, we can help you with how to estimate the prices of artificial football pitches. Today, we will talk about the important elements that have direct effects on the cost of a football pitch construction.

As Ekip GrassCompany, we are a FIFA-approved artificial turf manufacturer and we export our products all around the world. So, from any country, you can contact us for any kind of artificial football pitch prices. We can give you the exact estimates according to your country’s currencies.

Here you can see our best artificial grass models below.

Football Pitch Construction Cost

Football Pitch Construction Cost

There are so many variations and elements that affect the calculation. So, it is a little bit complicated to estimate. Now, we will talk about these elements and how do they affect the price. First, what do we mean by the cost of an artificial football pitch?

With the term outdoor or indoor soccer field construction cost, we mean all the expenses for a complete and ready-to-use football field. For a turnkey football pitch, you should plan and calculate every little detail in the beginning. The biggest decision is to decide will be that is it going to be an indoor or an outdoor football pitch. Indoor football field construction is more expensive than indoor. But the benefits of it will pay its price.

What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of football pitch construction?

Here are the other important elements that we should decide about.

The Field Type

The type of football field is very important about the total cost.

There are different football field types like;

  • Artificial turf,
  • Natural grass,
  • Acrylic surface flooring,
  • EPDM flooring.

Some of them may not be very proper for football fields, but these are the main types.

The Quality of the Grass

The Quality of the Grass

As we mentioned before, most of the trading football fields are from artificial grass. Because artificial grass has so many more benefits when compared to natural grass. And, there are also many different types of artificial grass with different quality levels. And the prices are also different. So you should make your plan and choose the best artificial grass type that your budget permits.



Location is also a very important issue for you to decide. Places that have easier reach may be more expensive to rent, but they will definitely make more money. So you should find a place that has easy access, or you should consider extra services to make it easier, like a shuttle.



There are so many issues that you can only deal with a flawless infrastructure. Water, electricity, lighting, drainage, heating, and other installation can be used for many years without a problem if you have a great infrastructure.


lightining of football court

Another important factor is lighting. If the field has great lighting, you can expand the time of use as much as possible. As people work in the daytime, they prefer playing football generally in the evening and night times. And if you have your lighting in a day time, they will choose your venue.

There are more important issues that affect the costs, but these are very important 5 elements.

Meet the Artificial Football Pitches Manufacturer

Ekip Grass installs artificial turf carpet pitch. Call us for a professional football field or carpet pitch installation. To learn the cost of an artificial football pitch call us.

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