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Artificial Grass

As Ekip Grass we have the UK’s largest selection of artificial grass for your garden, terrace, balcony, patio, in short for all landscaping activities and sports fields. The artificial grass we produce is exactly like the natural grass and does not give you any difficulties in using natural grass. Artificial grass, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, does not require any maintenance. It has no additional costs such as irrigation, mowing, fertilization like natural grass.

Our team prepares the most suitable thickness and feature artificial grass for you in line with your needs and provides fast delivery. If you are looking for fake grass, all you have to do is choose Ekip Grass, the address of cheap artificial grass.

It is a type of surface coating that resembles natural grass in terms of appearance and structure but is more durable and long-lasting than natural grass.

Highest Quality Artificial Turf

What does artificial grass mean, which we have started to see in almost every field in recent years? How is artificial turf laid? Perhaps one of the most important issues is the artificial turf prices? As Ekip Grass, which produces the highest quality artificial turf products, let’s give you the answers to all the questions in your mind.

Artificial grass is the general name given to synthetic fiber material that resembles real grass but is used instead of real grass. It is also known as artificial grass carpet because it is laid like a carpet on the application area. Artificial turf or synthetic turf or fake grass was used only in sports fields in the period when it first emerged. Carpet pitches, which have an important place in the lives of sports lovers, are built using artificial turf.

Ekip Grass is a company specialized in the production of artificial turf and the construction of artificial turf carpet pitches.

Artificial turf is the name given to the most used sport surface system today. Artificial turf is a kind of ground used for many sports, which has a natural turf appearance but is a high-quality and more durable material compared to natural turf.

For example, consider a football field. Carpet pitches formerly covered with natural grass are now being replaced one by one with artificial turf. Because artificial grass is quite profitable when compared with natural turf. Artificial turf maintenance costs are low. Resistant to sunlight.

Artificial Grass Costs

The cost of artificial grass varies according to the type of artificial grass. For example, the cost of artificial grass in the carpet field and the cost of landscaping artificial grass are different from each other. In addition, as the thickness of artificial turf increases, the cost of artificial turf will increase.

Therefore, you can learn the most accurate information about the cost of artificial grass by calling us from our company. The price of artificial turf, including the installation of artificial turf, or only the price of artificial grass are also different factors.

For example, the cost of pet-friendly artificial grass and the cost of artificial grass are different from each other.

All you have to do to buy cheap artificial turf is to call us and get detailed information about our artificial turf products. The address of quality artificial turf is Ekip Grass!

Quality Fake Grass and Artificial Lawn

Fake turf is the most realistic grass product preferred instead of natural grass. Artificial lawn has been continuously developed since the first day of its introduction and has been designed by its areas of use. Luxury, economic and Premium artificial grass models are available.

As Ekip Grass we are artificial grass suppliers in the UK and producing the best fake grass for your garden and landscaping. Also, we are one of the cheapest artificial grass stockists in the UK.

How to Lay Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is the most used product in carpet field construction. While natural grass was used in the construction of carpet pitches in the past, artificial grass is preferred today. So how to install artificial grass? Diy artificial grass installation is so easy.

Briefly, artificial turf installation is done as follows;

First of all, you need to determine for what purpose you will use the artificial turf. For example, will you buy landscape artificial grass or artificial grass for sports fields? Because the 2 types of grass are different from each other. Artificial grass turf can be produced in different thicknesses and for different purposes.

This affects the cost of artificial turf. For example, artificial grass used for landscaping should be suitable for your pets as well. There is a product called artificial grass for dogs. And artificial grass is used in landscaping applications.

After deciding which artificial turf to choose, you need to measure the area. After determining the size of the area where the artificial turf will be installed, you should contact your supplier and order the artificial turf in the size you want. At this stage, Ekip Grass can support you. You can get detailed information about artificial turf installation by contacting us. You can ask us any questions you may have about artificial turf, including carpet pitch installation.

Before installing artificial turf, the ground must be flat and smooth. In this way, artificial turf rolls look more beautiful and aesthetic on the ground.

After the ground arrangement stage required for artificial grass is done, sand is poured on the ground. After the sand is distributed on the ground regularly, concrete is poured on the ground. For the floor with a flat surface, artificial turf rolls are laid next. Artificial turf rolls are laid on the ground and then the excess on the edges is cut with the help of scissors.

After the edge arrangements are made, granule reinforcement is made on the artificial grass ground. Thanks to these granules, the artificial grass floor looks smoother. After the granule reinforcement, the grass ground is brushed and the granules are spread evenly on the ground.

Yes, the artificial turf floor is ready to use. You can learn the details of the installation by examining our detailed artificial turf installation content.

Laying Artificial Grass on Soil

Can you lay artificial grass directly on soil? Yes, it is possible.

It is very easy to lay artificial grass on the soil in 8 steps.

  1. First of all, the ground with soil is leveled.
  2. Dig the area at most 100mm depth level.
  3. Recesses and protrusions on the floor are removed.
  4. Protected base materials such as seed preventer adding the soil.
  5. After a smooth ground is obtained, artificial grass is laid.
  6. The process is completed by laying artificial grass rolls on the leveled ground.
  7. Then cut and tight the grass edges.
  8. Join the artificial grass rolls together.

How to maintain artificial grass?

Artificial grass care is very easy. First of all, collecting rubbish such as leaves, stones or cigarette butts accumulated on the artificial turf will help the grass ground to look clean and neat. In very hot weather, when synthetic grass fibers stretch, soaking them with cold water will help your lawn to regenerate. In addition, by adding granules on the grass once a year, you can prevent the ground from slipping and the formation of indentations on the ground.

Why Should Artificial Grass Be Preferred?

The emergence of artificial turf is for sportive purposes. The first usage examples were seen in sports field applications in the USA in the 1960s. Its main purpose of the use is that it is much cheaper, durable, long-lasting, and useful compared to natural grass. Indeed, since artificial turf is produced from synthetic material, it does not require any extra costs during the installation and usage phases. Artificial turf maintenance cost is very low. Because it does not require an extra maintenance procedure like natural grass.

While natural grasses require many costs such as maintenance and irrigation both during the installation phase and the growing phase, artificial turf does not have such costs. Also, while the usage time of natural grass is limited, artificial turf has almost unlimited usage time because they are durable.

You can easily use artificial turf even in bad weather conditions. Especially in heated carpet fields, even when it is snowing, the field surface does not freeze and sports can be done comfortably.

Artificial Grass For Dog

If we have a house with a garden and a pet, the flooring product we will use in your garden should be artificial grass. If you have a pet at home, you should use artificial grass for dogs. There are many reasons for this. For example, if you have natural grass in your garden, your pet may constantly damage the natural grass. However, this is not possible on artificial turf floors. In addition, weeds that can be harmful to your pet can grow on natural grass floors. But artificial turf for dogs is not like that.

Pet-friendly artificial turf is produced by the living standards of cats, dogs, or other pets. Pet-friendly artificial turf is the same as real grass and has a soft texture for your pets. Therefore, the dog or cat can easily move on this lawn.
In addition, artificial grass is ideal for pet owners because it requires little maintenance.

Artificial grass for dogs has a structure that can easily clean dog feces. Pet-friendly artificial grass, which has wider drainage channels than normal artificial grass, is very useful. After your dog defecates, all you have to do is to clean it with the help of a bag or brush. Artificial turf does not deteriorate and wears like natural grass. So it is pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly artificial turf prices vary. You can contact us for artificial grass varieties produced in different colors and sizes. But if you want to buy cheap artificial turf, you are in the right place. Ekip Grass is the address of cheap artificial grass. Call us for pet-friendly artificial turf that will not overwhelm you.

What are the advantages of artificial grass?

Artificial turf has many advantages. Because artificial turf is a new generation turf technology and is more beneficial than natural turf. To summarize, the advantages of artificial turf are as follows;

  • The maintenance cost of artificial turf is very low and it is very easy to maintain.

Artificial turf does not wear out as easily as natural grass. Therefore, the maintenance cost is almost non-existent. All you have to do for artificial turf maintenance is to clean the waste materials accumulated on it at certain time intervals. You can also make the ground smoother by adding granules on artificial turf in 6-month periods. Do not forget to cool the artificial grass in very hot weather!

  • The color of artificial turf does not fade over time.

The most important advantage of artificial turf is that it preserves its color for many years. Because artificial grass is very durable and is produced with UV protection. The colors of artificial turf which are resistant to UV lights, do not fade. In this way, you can have a wonderful surface for 4 seasons.

  • Artificial turf prices are affordable.
  • Synthetic turf is pet-friendly.
  • Important! Artificial grass can be recycled.
  • Fake grass is long-lasting.

If you want to take advantage of the advantages of artificial grass all you need to do is call us an artificial grass company.

How long does fake grass last?

Fake grass is a very long-lasting type of surface coating. When maintained intermittently, the service life is between 15-20 years. This long lifetime also pleases the consumer.

What are the Types of Synthetic Grass Carpet?

As we mentioned before, artificial turf was mostly used for sports fields and different sports activities. However, as the benefits of artificial turf are seen, their usage areas have widened much more. Now, when we look around in our daily lives, we see that artificial turf products are being used in places that we can never imagine. Generally, there are three different types of synthetic grass carpet;

  • Astroturf / Carpet Pitches / Football Field synthetic turf
  • Garden (landscape) artificial turf,
  • Artificial turf for balcony, terrace, villa (Artificial Grass For Interior Decor)

Let’s see these three common field uses separately.

  1. Football Field Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf or artificial grass means all sports areas that are actually meant by astroturf. Artificial turf was used primarily for sportive purposes. All over the world, artificial turf started to be preferred for sports fields such as football, American football, baseball, and rugby, and then it was used extensively for training fields.

The most important feature of the synthetic turf carpet product is its durability. This durability is for both intensive use and harsh climatic conditions. It is very difficult to keep real grass carpet or natural grass in geographies where the air temperatures are very cold or very hot and where snow or rainfall is very intense.

If possible, the life of these grasses is very short. For this reason, synthetic grass carpets are mostly preferred for sports fields, especially in difficult climatic conditions.

Apart from this, green artificial grass is frequently preferred in areas where the climatic conditions are not very severe because it is very useful. Artificial turf is used in carpet field construction, jogging tracks, referee walking path, zebra pattern areas.

  1. Garden (Landscape) Artificial Grass

This type of artificial grass uses in especially garden landscaping. The most preferred areas of artificial turf after sports fields are artificial turf for the garden or landscaping areas. Because artificial turf products are very useful, these products are often preferred for landscaping purposes.

Artificial turf for the garden is very often preferred both by municipalities and other administrative units, as well as in private properties since it requires very little cost and maintenance.

One of the places where synthetic grass is frequently used for landscaping is a highway, roadside, picnic area, and gardens. Regional governments now prefer artificial turf that is much more suitable than natural grass.

  1. Artificial Grass for Interior Decoration

Another area where artificial turf is used is home uses such as balconies, terraces, or villas. This is indoor artificial grass.  Areas such as balconies or terraces are exposed to external factors such as rain and therefore the use of such areas is difficult.

However, thanks to the balcony grass carpet materials, you can use these areas as you wish. Our grass carpet balcony products are not affected by sunlight at all (or are only slightly affected) and thus remain green all year round. Thus, at a much less cost, this villa, golf pitch, swimming pool, home garden terrace, and balconies will remain green all year round.

Are you an astroturf Supplier?

Yes, as Ekip Grass we are an astroturf supplier in Turkey for sporting facilities. Su should not confuse astroturf and artificial turf. These two products are different from each other, and one of them is used for landscaping applications while the other is used for sports fields. (e.g. football, tennis, handball etc.)

Our fake grass is manufactured in Europe in İstanbul and send all over the world.

How much is artificial grass?

The cost of artificial grass changes according to your needs and expectations. Because artificial grass is a product produced in different sizes and different pile sizes. And it includes separate products for landscaping and separate sports fields. Each artificial grass model has its own characteristics and therefore its prices are different from each other.

We want to help you best artificial grass prices when you asked us how much your grass will cost.

What’s the best artificial grass?

If you want to buy advanced artificial grass you are at the right address. Because as the best artificial grass manufacturer, we offer you the best quality products. If you want to see fake lush green lawn for your garden, patio, or anyplace just contact us. We are what of the best cheap artificial grass suppliers in Turkey.

Cheap Fake Grass for sale

If you are looking for cheap fake grass for sale we are here to sell the best fake lawns to you. As a direct grass manufacturer, we want you to buy the best artificial grass. We serve you with our very durable, long-lasting, and use artificial grass models.

Where to buy Synthetic Grass?

If you are asking where to buy synthetic grass you are in the right place. Because we, as the best artificial turf manufacturer in Europe, offer you the most affordable artificial turf. As an artificial grass manufacturer, we produce many types of artificial grass. The usage area of each artificial turf is different from each other and we produce the most suitable artificial turf for your area. By offering these products to you, we provide you with better quality living spaces.

How much does artificial grass cost?

The cost of artificial turf varies according to the artificial turf model you choose. You can see the prices of our products in the table below. Please call us for current artificial grass prices and square meter calculations. You can be sure that we will offer you the best quality artificial turf with a quick turnaround.

Artificial Grass Carpet Prices

The most curious issue about artificial turf carpets is the prices of artificial turf. First of all, many factors directly affect the prices of artificial turf Astro pitches. The dimensions of the area, infrastructure preparations, the quality of the material to be used, the conditions of the region, labor costs, and many other issues affect the Synthetic turf cost.

As Ekip Grass company, we only supply artificial turf or install artificial turf with our professional team. We carry out the production and cutting activities as close to the desired dimensions, thus ensuring that your project is realized in the shortest time with the least waste. As a company, we produce artificial turf by FIFA standards and implement the highest quality artificial turf areas. For FIFA-approved artificial turf, all you have to do is contact us. You can see the 2021 artificial turf prices in the table below.

Artificial Grass Prices

TURF PRODUCTS Infill Pile height Price
ZEUS TURF SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price
DOGU FIBER SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price
PRO ODIN PROFESSIONAL SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price
NANNA ECONOMIC SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price
NON-INFILL SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price
DUO GRASS SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price
MULTISPORT SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM 40, 50, 55, 60 mm € Ask for price