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Carpet Field Synthetic Grass Production and Application

Carpet Field Synthetic Grass Production and Application

Synthetic turf is an indispensable ground type of carpet pitches. Every year in Turkey, the product range is expanded by innovative synthetic turf producers. In this way, it is possible to play a football carpet match on more comfortable ground. As the quality of the floor increases, the quality of the game increases, and thus the demand for carpet pitch facilities increases. That’s why we recommend you to work with artificial turf manufacturers who are experts in their field for artificial turf application.

As Ekip Grass, we are the company that produces and applies the best artificial turf in Turkey. There are 14 types of artificial turf in our product portfolio as carpet turf. You can choose one of these synthetic turf models, depending on the intensity of use, purpose, and the sport on the football pitch.

Our company assists you in choosing the most suitable artificial turf for your carpet facility. In addition, we deliver the facility ready for use by installing a turnkey carpet pitch. We build professional football stadiums all over the world with our FIFA-approved artificial turf varieties.

All you need to do is to contact us for artificial turf application and turnkey carpet pitch construction.

Turkey’s Top Quality Synthetic Turf Manufacturer

Ekip Grass synthetic grass

As a synthetic turf manufacturer, Ekip Grass serves you as Turkey’s top-quality synthetic turf manufacturer. We establish carpet pitches that you can use for years with our bright, high-strength, and long-lasting synthetic grass varieties. We offer a product with a lifetime of 1000+ Hours/Year every year by using the advantage of synthetic grass over natural grass. In natural grass, this period decreases to 250 hours/year.

The synthetic grass varieties we offer are suitable for 4-season use and are resistant to bad weather conditions. Our company, which works with a focus on quality while producing synthetic turf, is in the leading position as the best artificial turf manufacturer in Turkey. Ekip Grass’s Synthetic Turf has the following characteristics;

  • Suitable for 4 seasons of use
  • Fast setup
  • Free from carcinogenic substances
  • Easy water discharge with drainage channels
  • Dust-free construction
  • Antibacterial protection.
  • At least 10 years of service life
  • Suitable for FIFA-approved professional stadiums

With all these competent features, Ekip Spor serves you as Turkey’s top-quality synthetic grass producer. You can contact us immediately and get all the information about synthetic grass and order.

Synthetic Grass Production 2022

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Synthetic grass production continues to increase in 2022 as well. Increasing interest in artificial turf grounds also increases synthetic turf production. At this point, as Ekip Grass, we continue on our way by expanding our production potential every year. We are the company that produces the most m2 in the 2022 synthetic grass production point. We send synthetic grass all over the world, especially in Turkey. With our FIFA-approved synthetic turf models, we install professional carpet pitches and bring your facility to world standards. You can get information about synthetic turf prices in 2022 by contacting us right away.

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