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Ekip Grass is a company specialized in the production of artificial turf and the construction of artificial turf carpet pitches.

The greatest proof of being athlete-friendly is that artificial turf is created as a slippery floor. Thanks to the reduced turfiness of artificial turf, athletes are protected from falling and falling injuries.

Of course, there are many companies producing artificial turf and making carpet pitches. Here you need to pay attention to the best artificial grass manufacturer company to choose. There should be some features that should be available in the best artificial turf manufacturer company.

Today's article is important for you in terms of the best artificial turf review. We will provide you with detailed information about how artificial turf should be used in carpet pitches made by artificial turf manufacturers.

  • The products of the best artificial grass manufacturer must be approved by FIFA.
  • These best artificial grasses should be produced resistant to sunlight.
  • At the same time, these best artificial lawns should be durable for many years.
  • Maintenance costs should be low.
  • The best artificial turf should be a product that looks exactly like a natural grass compared to natural grass.
  • It must be resistant to bad weather conditions.

For example, many years ago, football fields were almost like the field. Because the natural grass floor was used on football fields. This created many challenges both for the actors and the audience.

In football matches played especially in winter, the pitches were like slime fields. The muddy and slippery natural grass pitches caused many players to be injured, while at the same time depriving the audience of the pleasure of play.

With the emergence of artificial turf, both the risk of disability has been eliminated in sports and a satisfactory appearance has been created for the audience.

During the construction of the artificial turf carpet field, the ground should be leveled first by excavating. Drainage channels and heating systems must be installed under the turf carpet before the artificial turf is laid after a flat surface is obtained.

In this way, the sports to be played in winter will not be a nightmare. For example, when it snows, there will be no ice holding on the lawn thanks to the heating systems and the melting snow will be thrown out through the drainage channels.

Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf

This is a very important system developed for a sports field. It is entirely in the hands of artificial turf manufacturers to play games that are equally enjoyed by players and spectators. The procedures mentioned above should be followed very carefully when building a carpet pitches.

Otherwise, the carpet field to be made will not be of the desired quality. For this, you need to work with the best artificial turf manufacturers.

One of the main reasons you prefer artificial turf is that there is no need for irrigation. Because natural grass is a product that is constantly irrigated. But there is no need to water the artificial turf floors. In this case, you will be saved from water waste and your cost will be reduced.

As you know, our world is in danger of drought and we have to pay attention to water use. We reduce the amount of wasted water by making water use as small as possible. And leave a world that is not dry to future generations. At this point, artificial turf is environmentally friendly.

Recyclable Artificial Turf

It is very important to use recyclable materials in the war against global warming. Another important feature of artificial turf is that it is produced from recyclable materials. It is very important that this product, which is produced in our world especially facing global warming, is recyclable

Artificial Grass for Different Sports

There are passions for different sports all over the world. Artificial turf, which can be used for different sports, should be produced with special thickness and durability for each sport. For example, the artificial turf produced for football and the artificial turf produced for baseball is different in thickness and grass height. That's why we recommend working with a company that can help you in the best way, specializing in the manufacture of artificial turf.

The manufacture of artificial turf requires great effort and attention. The construction of the artificial turf carpet field is more important than manufacturing. Carpet pitches construction should be done very carefully. That is why we advise you to work with specialized artificial turf manufacturers.

Ekip Grass is a company specialized in the production of artificial turf and the construction of artificial turf carpet pitches. Our company has a very different reference in the world for producing artificial grass for sports fields and landscaping. Please contact us for more information about artificial turf production.


Best Artificial Grass

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