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10 Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey

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Artificial grass companies continue to produce very successful businesses in Turkey. Especially in the last 15-20 years, the increase in the number of artificial grass companies in Turkey is quite impressive. There are many successful companies in the sector. Below you will see the best artificial turf manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Turkey. We have listed the best among the expert and successful companies in the field in the first place. First of all, let us introduce you to Ekip Grass, which managed to become the leading company among artificial turf companies in 2021.

EKIP Grass started its business in 2006 in Istanbul with the manufacture of sports equipment. The company has prioritized its understanding of quality and service, developing technology, and the principle of keeping up with the world market, and has continued its work in this direction. The company, which has transferred its experience in the sports market to its production since 1988, has become an export company by maintaining its stable output.

Company, which always provides quality service with the understanding of the TSE – ISO 9001 Quality Management System, has adopted the principle of solving all your requests and problems by working with companies that do not compromise on quality by standing by your valuable customers.

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How to choose an artificial grass company in Turkey?

ekip grass company

All you need to do to choose an artificial turf company in Turkey is to read this comprehensive content. Below, you can find out in which fields the companies listed under the title of 10 Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey are more successful, what kind of artificial grass they produce, and how many years of experience they have.

After reviewing this information, it will be quite easy to choose an artificial turf company in Turkey. First of all, we will start with Ekip Grass, the best artificial turf producer in Turkey.

Ekip Grass has taken itself to the highest level with its R&D studies in 2021 and has become the best artificial turf manufacturer in Turkey with its variety of artificial turf in production. There are 17 types of artificial grass models produced by Ekip Grass that can be applied to different areas. And the company has over 200 product types in its portfolio. Below, you can see the Ekip Grass’s artificial grass varieties closely.

2021 Turkey Artificial Grass Market Review

With the pandemic in 2021, the interest in artificial grass in Turkey has increased exponentially. This has maximized the production and sales of artificial turf in Turkey. People who spent most of their time at home during the pandemic period have started to use artificial turf by landscaping in the balcony, garden, or terraces.

  • The rate of artificial turf used for balcony or terrace decoration and landscaping has increased by 70% in 2021.
  • In addition, the conversion rate of natural grass fields to artificial turf fields increased by 50% in 2021.
  • As can be seen from the figures, the artificial turf market in Turkey has grown considerably in 2021.

One of the most important reasons for the development of the artificial turf industry in Turkey is the production of high-quality artificial turf. There are very successful companies that manufacture artificial grass in Turkey. So let’s start with Ekip Grass, the leading artificial turf manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of 2021. And they will continue to be the best ones in 2022.

10 Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey

Below you can see the best artificial grass manufacturer company in Turkey as a list.

10 Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey

  1. Ekip Grass

With its past experiences, EKIP Grass has shown that the most important element in fulfilling its responsibilities towards society, its customers, and all its employees is the understanding of “QUALITY”. It is aware that the Quality Management System is necessary for the organization to maintain its existence and develop in the competitive environment brought about by globalization. The company structured its system according to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard.

Main Product Types

Ekip Grass has been providing services in artificial grass production, carpet pitch construction, grandstand construction, basketball court construction, and much professional staff in its 15 years in the industry. As artificial grass varieties; It produces 17 types of grass that can be adapted to different sports such as artificial turf for football, landscape artificial turf, tennis court artificial turf, etc. Ekip Grass manufacturing infill and non-infill artificial grass type for all surfaces.

What makes Turkey the best artificial grass producer is the diversity and quality in production. With its growing infrastructure every year, Ekip Grass has been awarded the title of the best artificial turf producer of 2021.

Why Ekip Grass?

  • Production technology that does not harm the environment
  • Artificial turf production without sacrificing quality
  • Long-lasting, non-fading, and unbreakable artificial grass production.
Job DetailsManufacturer and Exporter
Experiences15 years
HeadquartersRamazanoğlu Mah. MimarSinan Cad. Sultan Sok. No:19-2 Kurtköy – Pendik, 34890


  1. Hatko Sport

Hatko has a state-of-the-art production facility with a production capacity of 6 million square meters with worldwide agencies and installation teams. The company develops innovative products that are suitable for all climatic conditions, provide gaming comfort with low maintenance costs, and offer longer gaming hours.

Main Product Types

Hatko manufactures artificial grass and hybrid grass types for all sports surfaces and landscaping. They manufacture infill and non-infill artificial grass types.

Why Hatko?

  • Hatko is one of the 10 largest synthetic turf carpet manufacturers in Europe.
  • It is one of the rare companies that offers a one-stop solution for sports and landscaping from production to installation.
  • It has produced over 400 FIFA-certified field projects in 4 continents and 100 countries, licensed by FIFA, ITF, FIH, and IAAF.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Installer
Experiences15 years
HeadquartersMerkez Mah. Akar Caddesi İTower Plaza 3. Kat No:11 Şişli-Bomonti / İSTANBUL


  1. Congrass

Confetti Grass, with its 27 years of experience, is a well-established company that produces in many different areas from mosque carpets to artificial grass carpets, from decorative carpets to special project carpets. Confetti provides service with five different brands.

Main Product Types

Congrass is the solution partner for those who want to cover different floors and decoration areas. Synthetic turf carpets produced with Congrass are exported to more than 60 countries as well as countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Russia, England, the USA, and Germany.

Why Congrass?

  • The high-performance Congrass is a unique range of turf systems that offer the best gaming properties in Sports.
  • Polyethylene yarns with improved quality are used in Congrass grass carpets produced with advanced technology.
  • The quality control of these products is carried out in detail in specially developed laboratory environments.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Partner Company
Experiences26 years
Headquartersİkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Eski Turgut Özal Cad. No:34 Başakşehir 34490 İstanbul – TÜRKİYE


  1. Hedef Sentetik

Hedef Sentetik started to serve most advantageously in terms of logistics (2.5 hours away from the ports of Istanbul and Izmir) in the Uşak Organized Industrial Zone, with its machinery park that carries its technology and experience to the highest level and has a production capacity of 3,000,000 square meters per year. Innovation, quality, and durability are indispensable for Hedef Sentetik’s service approach, and its contribution to the sector with its solution-oriented customer approach is indisputable.

Main Product Types

Hedef Sentetik is proud to provide the best products and services to its customers bypassing its products through an intensive quality control process at every stage of the production process. Thanks to the devoted and meticulous work of its employees, CE certified products by European standards in both raw material supply and machine park. Hedef Synthetic; produces rubber sports floors, artificial grass varieties, and sports equipment.

Why Hedef Sentetik;

  • National and international certified artificial turf production
  • 3 million m2 of artificial turf production per year
  • Expert in artificial turf production and has 30 years of experience
Job DetailsManufacturer and Exporter
Experiences31 years
HeadquartersTarabya Mahallesi Tarabya Bayırı Caddesi No:49 Sarıyer / İstanbul


  1. Vizyon Spor

Vizyon Spor, a manufacturer of artificial turf, is one of the leading companies in the industry in the construction of indoor and outdoor astroturf pitches. The Vizyon Spor, which provides turnkey carpet pitch installation, has 20 years of experience in the sector.

Main Product Types

It is a company with a very wide production and installation field, which makes carpet field construction, basketball court construction, volleyball court construction, artificial turf, natural grass, and hybrid turf production, as well as acrylic and rubber flooring.

Why Vizyon Spor?

  • Vizyon Spor serves with a mission aiming at 100% customer satisfaction.
  • It always aims for a hassle-free service with the best quality materials.
  • It builds sports facilities that are resistant to climatic conditions, do not deform easily, and can be used for many years without any problems, with R&D studies.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter and Installer
Experiences20 years
HeadquartersMareşal Çakmak Mah. Orhan Cad. No:17 – 19 D Güngören, İstanbul, Türkiye


  1. Pakteks

Pakteks Foreign Trade Company; Headquartered in Istanbul, was established in 2003 with 100% Turkish capital. Pakteks, which has been producing, marketing, trading, and exporting synthetic grass, carpet tiles, PVC floor coverings, and sports floors since its establishment, today; It is among the veteran brands of the sector with its exports to more than 50 countries in its production and solution partner facilities in Çorlu and Çerkezköy.

Main Product Types

It produces an artificial turf carpet model especially for all types of sports fields. Pakteks; It produces football artificial turf carpets, tennis synthetic turf carpets, multi-purpose artificial turf carpets, golf artificial turf floors, rugby, and varieties for other sports.

Why Pakteks?

  • Pakteks company, which focuses on quality and customer satisfaction, has successfully applied Fifa and UEFA criteria in sports turf products in its projects.
  • Providing materials for many domestic and international projects in the fields of decoration and landscaping, Pakteks is constantly expanding its product range in line with new technological developments.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Installer
Experiences18 years
HeadquartersRüzgarlı Bahçe Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:39 Hasoğlu Plaza Kat:6 Ofis No:66 Kavacık / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE


  1. Sergrass

The company, which produces synthetic grass carpet products that have successfully passed and approved “ISASPORT Laboratory Tests”, the competence of which has been approved by FIFA, UEFA, ISO 9001:2000, and TSE, establishes professional fields that protect the health of football players. It is an Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey.

Main Product Types

As a manufacturer of artificial turf, Sergrass has been producing sports equipment, artificial turf carpet, artificial turf construction, and various sports floors for about 15 years. Artificial turf and other products produced in the company have been preferred in many sports facilities in all countries of the world until now.

Why Sergrass?

  • Synthetic grass yarns of the Netherlands Thilon Ten-Cate with ISO 9001 certificate are used at world standards.
  • SBR latex plaster base is used.
  • The latest technology, tufted cut pile weaving, and finishing are done.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Installer
Experiences18 years
HeadquartersHuzur Hoca Cd. Savaş Sk. Yıldız İş Mrk
No:15 İçerenköy-Ataşehir/İstanbul.


  1. Cimeks

Cimeks; was established in 1997 to produce the imported Ready-made Rolled Grass needed domestically. It has pioneered the development of the sector by establishing Turkey’s first “Ready Rolled Grass” Production Facility in Bolluca / Istanbul, increasing the number and capacity of the Production Facility in line with the increasing demand.

Main Product Types

Cimeks; It aims to contribute to humanity by creating natural habitats by applying Ready-made Roll Grass to Sports Fields, Stadiums, Concert Areas, Airport Runways, Roadsides, Holiday Villages, Parks, and Gardens.

Why Cimeks?

  • Leading company in its sectors
  • To provide high-quality grass production and service,
  • Be honest, transparent, and consistent in all your relationships by doing your job in the right way.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Installer
Experiences24 years
HeadquartersOğuzhan Cad. Oğuzhan İş Merkezi No:17 Kat:1/3 Fatih / İstanbul


  1. Green Grass

GREEN GRASS company manufactures various sports complexes of international quality in many domestic and foreign cities, primarily artificial grass carpets. In addition to sports fields, the company, which makes synthetic turf carpet applications suitable for decorative and landscape areas, which are widely used today, makes many floor applications such as stadium lighting, grandstand, acrylic floor, polyurethane floor, tartan floor, rubber floor.

GREEN GRASS Outdoor Carpet Construction, which has a long history in the construction of sports floors, is carried out by its experienced staff.

Main Product Types

It provides services in many different areas such as decorative artificial turf production, sports field artificial turf production, multi-purpose sports field construction, athletics track construction, basketball court construction, rubber sports ground construction.

Why Green Grass?

  • It is an organization that aims to be the leader in terms of service and quality in Turkey.
  • It has adopted customer satisfaction and after-sales service as its main principle.
  • Aims to provide services in the country and abroad by providing the highest quality inputs in the most economical and fastest way in cooperation with other suppliers without sacrificing quality.
  • While doing these, it pays attention to the human health and environmental compliance conditions of the facilities.
  • The company is based on FIFA and UEFA criteria.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Installer
Experiences18 years
HeadquartersTarabya Mah. Tarabya Bayırı Cad. No:49 Sarıyer / İSTANBUL


  1. Nurteks

Established in 1972, Nurteks produces synthetic grass carpets. Customer satisfaction is the primary priority of Nurteks Halı, which has transformed from a small, local family business established in Istanbul Eminönü into a world-renowned business that creates long-term loyalty to its customers and is loyal to family values. It has proven this with its quality standards, working understanding, and customer relations. It is an Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company in Turkey.

Nurteks, whose goal is to maximize consumer and importer confidence in Turkish products in the international market; With its many years of experience in the sector, it guarantees that it can provide the right project with the right budget to all its customers.

Main Product Types

At the Çorlu Facility, which is established on an area of 25 thousand m2 and has an annual production capacity of 10 million m2; Synthetic turf carpets are produced for football fields, tennis courts, golf, hockey, basketball, volleyball, landscape, decoration, and children’s playgrounds.

Why Nurteks?

  • Nurteks, which produces by ISO 9001 International Quality System standards, has managed to become the strongest company in Turkey with its production capacity, product variety, and technological superiority.
  • Nurteks, which produces within the framework of ethical trade rules with quality working standards; also has the international SEDEX Certificate.
Job DetailsManufacturer, Exporter, and Installer
Experiences50 years
HeadquartersYesilkoy Mahallesi, Ataturk Caddesi EGS Business Park No:12 B2 Blok Kat: 4 D:179-182 34149 Bakirkoy/Istanbul 


We reviewed the artificial grass manufacturer companies. From here, you can decide on the best artificial turf producer company in Turkey and choose your producer. As Ekip Grass, we are the leading artificial grass manufacturer company in Turkey. All you have to do for artificial grass products is to contact us.

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