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Artificial Turf Padel Court Installation

Artificial Turf Padel Court Installation

Padel tennis has been one of the most popular field games after Covid-19 entered our lives. Played with teams of 2 or 4, padel is a fun activity to spend your spare time to the fullest. Pairing allows you to spend productive time with the family. For those who want to play padel tennis, there are special courts. The padel tennis court can be artificial turf, acrylic, or tartan flooring. Today we will give you artificial grass advice for a padel tennis court. In the end, you will learn how to install Artificial Turf Padel Court.

Top Quality Padel Tennis Artificial Turf

padel tennis court installation

The artificial grass used in padel tennis court construction is the same as artificial grass used for standard tennis courts. Tennis artificial turf is a quality turf that prevents slipping during the game and provides quick movement. You can play tennis without slipping on the floor, even in bad weather conditions. Even if you fall, tennis synthetic turf prevents injury with its shock-absorbing feature. This provides both a safe and comfortable game opportunity. In addition, although the padel tennis grass is used heavily, it does not deform over time.

Ekip Grass’s padel grass, which has a lifespan of at least 10 years, provides comfortable playing for many years without deforming. The types of artificial turf we produce for padel tennis can be in different colors. We manufacture padel tennis artificial turf in different shades of yellow, blue, and green. You can view the types of artificial turf we produce for padel tennis courts by clicking the link.

So, how is the artificial turf padel tennis court installation done? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

How to Install Artificial Grass Padel Tennis Court in 6 Steps?

padel tennis court construction

There are certain standards set for the padel tennis court. The International Padel Federation sets these standards. The following steps must be followed when constructing an artificial turf padel tennis court within the framework of the rules determined by the Padel Federation;

  1. First of all, the court floor is dug and leveled.
  2. Next, a concrete floor is made for padel tennis.
  3. Plywood formworks are used for this concrete floor mat.
  4. Then padel tennis artificial turf is laid on the field floor.
  5. With the help of rollers, artificial grass is compressed.
  6. Finally, the field lines are drawn and the construction of the padel court is completed.

Note that: If the padel tennis court is to be built with artificial turf, the floor must be CONCRETE, if it is made of acrylic or tartan, the floor must be ASPHALT.

The cost of building a padel tennis court varies depending on the type of floor you will use for the court, the type of fence you will use around the court, and the tennis materials. If you want to spend your spare time or have a commercial padel tennis court built, contact Ekip Grass and quickly get the turnkey padel tennis court!

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