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Artificial grass is the most used sports ground today. Therefore, different artificial turf is produced for different sports. Each sport is specially designed for artificial turf. For example, the pile size of the artificial turf to be used for a football field should be at least 40mm. In this way, for better quality you should choose more durable artificial turf floors and carpet pitches.

Producing the most durable and high quality artificial turf in the artificial turf sector, our company proves its success by exporting to the whole world. Artificial turf carpet fields are guaranteed for at least 10 years. If you want your artificial turf to last longer, you need to maintain it at regular intervals.

Artificial turf is easy to maintain

Artificial turf is easy to maintain. Artificial turf maintenance is a process consisting of the addition of decreasing granules on the field and the removal of waste. But if it is not done in certain intervals, the life of your artificial turf will not be as long as you want.

Multi-purpose lawns

Artificial sports turf manufacturers

We aim to serve you in the best way among sports grass services. We build different sports fields with multi-purpose lawns and offer you the opportunity to enjoy the gaming pleasure you want.

In addition, we use hybrid turf technology which is a different technology in our sports fields. Hybrid turf is a turf obtained by mixing natural grass with artificial turf. Hybrid grass which gives the closest look to natural grass has been frequently preferred especially in football fields in recent years.

However, artificial turf, which is still the most preferred model, is also very durable and long lasting. Football turf, baseball field, hockey field, multi-purpose sports, rugby turf and tennis turf are produced separately for our artificial turf.

Artificial turf services

For more information on artificial turf services, please contact the best artificial sports turf manufacturers.


It is one of America's most popular and symbolic sports. The rules of this game, which we are used to see in almost every American film, may seem confusing and complex for the new ones. But once you understand how to settle on the court, how to play defense and defense, you can join a baseball game. As in other games, baseball also has details that only the strict followers of this sport know, but you can learn them over time by playing.

Baseball is played between two teams of nine players. Players need a baseball bat, a baseball, a ball-holding glove and a face mask.

The goal in baseball is to win the most points by running the most runs at the end of the game. Teams play in defensive and offensive positions.

Baseball games are played for a total of 9 periods. At the end of 9 periods, if there is a draw, the match will be extended. The match continues until the barber period is broken.

  • The most important material used for baseball fields is artificial turf.

Due to the bad weather conditions and long-term use, the problems experienced in natural turf are not seen in the fields where artificial turf is used. Only this feature, coupled with its direct longevity, demonstrates the reason why it has been preferred over natural grass for a long time in carpet pitch and baseball pitch. In terms of cost, it eliminates a huge burden not only in the long term but also in the short term for every institution and club.

Baseball artificial grass must be of good quality. It must be resistant to sunlight and UV rays and should not wear out easily.

Baseball artificial grass must be laid flat on the court floor and there must be no recess or protrusion on the court. In addition, baseball courts covered with artificial turf which reduced lubricity are very important for athletes. When you run too fast you will make sure that the floor does not slip. This will make you feel safer while you are doing sports.

With the high-quality baseball field, both the quality of the game and the player's performance increase.


As you know, football is the most played sport today. Football is played between two teams of 11 players each and has its own rules. The object of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent's goal. It is strictly forbidden to play the ball by hand or arm, but it may be hit by the head or by any part of the body in accordance with the rules. Only goalkeepers can hold the ball by hand within a designated area.

Footballers wear the uniform of their team. Each player's shirt has a different number on it. Only goalkeepers wear a different color so that they can be easily distinguished from other players. All football players use special shoes (crampons) which are suitably produced for this game.

The football field is rectangular, 90-120 meters long and 45-90 meters wide. However, in international matches these lengths are 100-110 meters and width is 64-75 meters. The long edges are called the crown line and the short edges are called the castle line. On the football field, the crown line must always be longer than the goal line.

The line extending between the two crown lines and dividing the area from the middle to the right is called the middle line. In the middle of the center line there is a circle with a radius of 9.15 meters and this circle is called the center circle. The encounter starts with a stroke through this circle.

Before the match starts, the players take part in their own half-space. There is a castle in the middle of the castle lines. The castle consists of two masts and an upper pole. The distance between the two posts is 7.32 meters and the height of the upper pole is 2.44 meters. The circumference of the soccer ball is 68-70 cm and the weight at the beginning of the game varies between 410-450 grams.

As you can see, football is played on very large pitches and ground quality is the most important feature required for football. The football field should be made with artificial turf. Football fields constructed using artificial turf are both healthier for players and less costly for the owner of the sports field.

Because artificial turf is easy to maintain. They are not affected by sunlight and do not wear in bad weather conditions. Artificial turf finances vary according to the size of the football field. Because the more artificial turf is used, the more the cost increases, or the less used, the less the cost.

It is possible to build high quality sports fields that you can use for many years by working with our company which is specialized in the production of football artificial turf. Football artificial turf thickness is at least 40mm. Thickness of artificial turf can be changed upon request. There are also 55-60mm artificial turf.

For more information about artificial turf carpet pitches construction and artificial turf installation, please contact us.


Hockey is a ball game played between two teams on artificial grass or ice with curved sticks. It is divided into field hockey and ice hockey.

The field hockey is played between two teams of eleven players on an area of ​​91.40 m in length and 50.30 m in width. Players try to insert the 23 cm diameter ball into a reciprocal goal with a curved stick.

Ice hockey has appeared in Canada. Ice is played on a field and with ice skates. It is played with punks called punck between six teams.

Grass Field hockey is the main branch of hockey, the second most popular sport in the world after football, and the first form of play. Field hockey has prestigious competitions for men and women in international tournaments. These tournaments include the Olympics, the World Hockey Cup, and the annual World Cup championship tournament.

The aim is to drive a small hard ball with a curled stick to the goal of the opposing team and score goals. The team with the most goals wins. The game consists of two 25-minute circuits.

Grass Field hockey is a game with little danger. This is because the rules of the game prohibit the opponent from being blocked and the players touching each other. The ball can only be stopped or advanced with the hoop stick. No player other than the goalkeeper can stop or advance the ball by hand or by any other means. The goalkeeper is only allowed to hit the ball with his foot or to stop the ball by hand while he is within his own shooting range.

If the hockey sport is performed on artificial turf with little danger, possible injuries are prevented and the sport is done on a better quality ground. Artificial turf hockey pitches are not slippery floors. Therefore, there is no risk of athletes falling and injury. Moreover, another reason for using artificial turf for hockey is that the ground is flat and smooth. Artificial grass floors have a smooth and flat surface. Therefore, it is preferred in many sports.

If you want to make artificial turf hockey field, you can get detailed information by contacting us. The best quality hockey artificial turf is taken from us. You can find the most affordable hockey artificial turf from us.

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Multi-purpose fields are fields where at least two sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis and badminton can be played on one floor. There are a lot of nice things that many sports can be done in the same field. Multi-purpose sports fields are practical and useful, but also very low in cost. Optionally, it can be made open or closed. Multi-purpose sites are generally applied in hotels, housing estates, schools and sites.

As you know, no matter what sports category the ground is very important. First of all, it is important for the athletes to move freely during the match and to be able to step on the ground. Grass carpets have been used in sports facilities in accordance with many sports categories due to their slippery reducing properties and because of their ease of movement for athletes.

Sports Carpet pitches, tennis courts, jogging and golf courses more preferred lawn carpets, are often used as an aesthetic factor. Especially in natural grass fields where irrigation and mowing are difficult to be done, thanks to the grass carpet, this problem is saved. In addition to varying according to sport categories, they also differ according to their color:

The products offer color options other than green, as well as shades of green. Prices of sports turf carpets vary according to the ground and the region, as well as the material used and the situation to be done. You can contact us for detailed information and price.

  • Our artificial turf products have rich color and feature options.
  • We produce artificial turf suitable for professional or amateur sports fields.
  • Artificial turf options suitable for all kinds of use are waiting for you.

From the perspective of football sports, it is seen that the decision regarding the use of artificial turf on the fields of all clubs of this level has been approved since the 2004-2005 season. It is preferred not only because of its low cost, but also because it conforms to standards and protects the athlete's health more than normal grass. Artificial turf can be used at any time, compared to normal turf, because of its use and performance.

As you know, artificial turf sports floors are used for multipurpose sports. For more information, please contact us. We can decide the most suitable ground type for your area and make the most suitable sports field for you.

  1. RUGBY

It is a hard sport which is played as two circuits with two teams of 5 each and 40 minutes of which is forbidden to pass forward, aiming to move the ball behind the opponent's goal line by hand.

It started with a player running to the goal by holding the ball between his arms during a football match in England's Rugby. Since 1823 it has become a very popular sport in England, France, Wales, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The most important feature that distinguishes Rugby from other sports is gentlemanly and respect. Teams that are physically challenged to each other during the match can end the event with fun together at the end of the match, singing and drinking songs when necessary. It is strictly forbidden to speak outside the referees and team captains in Rugby matches. Objection to the decisions of the referee is the reason for the suspension.

  • Natural grass has very low weather resistance. However, artificial turf carpets are more durable and long lasting against natural turf.
  • Artificial grass carpet can be used extensively in sports fields.
  • It provides a very durable infrastructure for football, tennis, rugby and other grounds.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • It is less affected by bad weather conditions and performs better than natural grass in weather conditions.
  • Due to its water permeability, it dries much faster than natural grass.
  • Artificial grass carpet reduces your irrigation costs to zero and minimizes your other maintenance costs.

The synthetic grass carpet is not affected by the weather conditions and geographical conditions mentioned above. It always performs optimally. Synthetic turf carpets have a long service life. This period is quite a lot compared to natural grass. This provides a great advantage especially for carpet field investors. The fact that they will not invest any more over the years after their investment increases their total earnings significantly compared to the natural grass.

For detailed information on rugby pitch construction and artificial turf specifications, please contact the best artificial turf manufacturer. Our artificial turf is produced using first quality materials and is very durable. You will be happy to work with us.

Please contact us for more information.


Tennis is an Olympic sport that can be played with two or four people on a court called racket and ball. Tennis players use the rackets in their hands and try to throw the ball from the center of the net into the opponent's court. The player or player who achieves the most points following the rules of the game is deemed the winner of the match.

Tennis is a popular sport with millions of players and viewers all over the world because of its high tempo and minimum requirements. The fact that anyone who can hold a racket with his hand (even in a wheelchair) can play the sport has a great impact on its popularity.

Tennis is the challenge of directing the ball inside the court with the help of a racket. The main goal in the game is to throw the ball into the area where your opponent cannot turn back (not hit), so that the ball stays on the ground or comes out. You will earn points each time your opponent fails to return the ball you sent in the court.

The dimensions of the tennis courts are determined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Courts; They are 23.78 meters (78 feet) long and 10.97 meters (36 feet) wide. Width measures 8.23 ​​meters (27 feet) in single matches and 10.97 meters (36 feet) in pairs. The game's service line is 6.40 meters from the net. There are extra clearance areas on the sides of the court for tennis players to easily spin. These gaps are 18.3 meters (60 feet) wide and 36.7 meters (120 feet) long.

  • Sand courts: They are known to be one of the most difficult to play tennis. The reason why the ground courts force the players is that the characteristics of the movements of the ball on the ground can vary and take shape in unexpected directions. Unlike hard and turf courts, the unstable surface of these courts makes things even more difficult. Soil ground courts are one of the most commonly used courts in professional tournaments.
  • Courts with hard floors: This is the most common type of ember in the world due to the low maintenance cost of the floor. Ideal for players who have adopted spin and flat gaming, these courts can be found almost anywhere.
  • Artificial Grass courts: Grass courts consisting of artificial turf ground are among the most preferred court types due to low maintenance costs. Grass courts help keep the ball close to the ground in the game by preventing the ball from bouncing high. Tennis players who are successful in straight strokes will be more advantageous on grass courts.

You can get detailed information about the cost of tennis courts by contacting us.

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