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Artificial turf floors are the most widely used ground for sports fields today. Since sports fields built with natural grass do not offer the game quality as expected, different kinds of grounds have been sought.

Artificial grass used for different sports can have different thicknesses. Because the thickness of artificial turf required for each sport is different. For example, an artificial turf with a thickness of at least 40mm is required for football. However, for example baseball, a finer artificial grass is needed.

  • Artificial turf floor thickness varies according to the sport or areas to be used.

Artificial Grass Carpet is made by sewing synthetic fibril yarns on the base cloth and applying latex on the back side of the carpet. It has the appearance of real grass. It has real grass color and appearance with Polyethylene and Polyamide yarns. It is not slippery. Prevents slipping.

Grass carpet is always produced as an alternative to natural grass due to lack of desired results. Grass carpet is used in many areas today. Especially with ease of maintenance, low cost and time saving is the reason of choice of users. The lifetime of the turf carpet is long. Extremely resistant to all weather conditions.

Artificial Grass is woven by cutting synthetic green fibril or monofilament yarns sewn on a special base cloth at certain pile lengths. After weaving, latex coating is applied to the back of the base cloth so that the woven synthetic yarns are firmly bonded to the carpet. It is permeable and can also be purified from water drain when washed. Polyethylene and Polyamide ropes are resistant to the effect of sunlight.

  • Does not lose color for a long time.

Accordingly, the costs of artificial turf installation vary.

How much does it cost to install artificial turf?

In our article is about astrotuf construction cost and we will analyze indoor carpet pitch costs and outdoor carpet pitch costs. We will examine the main reasons that determine the cost of carpet construction, how we can make the most suitable field under the most reasonable conditions with the right information and equations during the carpet construction phase. Now let’s briefly talk about the characteristics of the grass carpet.

Advantages of Artificial Turf Carpet Fields

  • Compared with natural grass, it is advantageous to reduce the lubricity of the substances contained.
  • It is preferred to be resistant to work and abrasion.
  • It reduces the risk of injury to children when using nursery.
  • It is produced from products that do not require maintenance and are durable for years in areas you want to have aesthetic appearance.
  • UV resistance
  • Non-fire systems

One of the biggest advantages of artificial turf is the low maintenance cost. Artificial turf is a product that can be easily cleaned without the cost of irrigation like natural turf. cigarette waste, leaves or other waste accumulated on it can be easily cleaned.

The most important care of artificial turf is to add granules. The reduced granules are added over time and this gap is closed.

The surface quality is very good and can be used with peace of mind even in bad weather. Because artificial turf carpet drainage channels are added to the bottom of the field in order to avoid puddles in case of rain or snow. This is one of the important factors in improving the quality of the game.

Our artificial turf models, which is one of the grass turf and decorative grass products, is among our most preferred products. The product, which can be used in both interior and exterior decoration works, has its own characteristics as in every model.

There are many factors affecting the cost of artificial turf laying. The most important of these factors is, of course, the size of the area where artificial turf will be established.

  • Artificial grass quality
  • Size of carpet pitch
  • Carpet pitch type

These are the most influential factors affects the Artificial turf costs. When someone say Artificial turf Turkey it should comes to mind us. We are at the leading position among the most successful companies in the manufacture of artificial turf.

Carpet Field Types

One of the factors that will directly determine the costs of carpet pitches. There are two types of carpet production: indoor carpet and outdoor carpet. There is a cost difference of approximately 1/3 between these two carpet pitches. However; details such as tarpaulin covered carpet pitch, sheet covered carpet pitch, synthetic grass used directly affect the carpet pitch construction costs.

As can be seen, there are many factors affecting the cost of carpet pitch. You can choose the most suitable carpet pitch for your budget.  Our all artificial grass types is so quality. You can choose whatever you like. We are the cheap artificial grass manufacturer.It serves you Premium atificial grass feelings. As artificial grass wholesaler we are the best.

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What is the best artificial grass?

What is the best artificial turf? What is the most suitable artificial turf carpet for my carpet field? How do I choose? We know a lot of questions are confusing you. All you need to do is contact us. We can help you to choose the most suitable artificial grass for the area you want to use by providing you with information about our artificial turf types according to your demand.

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