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Artificial Grass Manufacturer Company

Artificial grass is a type of artificial grass that is shaped using synthetic yarns produced with advanced technology. So artificial grass is a ready-made lawn model that is often used especially for landscape, garden design, and sport facilities surfaces. Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, fake grass, artificial lawn, etc is produced and sold by many different companies. There are many factors to consider here. For example, the quality and use life of artificial grass are the factors that are effective in deciding the company you choose.

Artificial Grass Products

Ready-made lawn prices will not strain your budget. Especially if the lifespan is quite, very long, it will be an indication that you will make a long-lasting investment. If you want to buy quality artificial turf, you should meet Ekip Grass, which is the cheap artificial turf address. Ready-made grass sizes have a bark height ranging from 5mm to 55mm. The reason why there is so much variety of products is that the area of use of artificial grass is very wide. For example, artificial grass carpets can be used in any area you can think of such as a field, tennis court, café garden, balcony and terrace, baseball field.

Also, artificial grass carpets are used even in interior designs. These artificial grass carpet models, which are highly safe, long-lasting, and do not contain carcinogenic substances, are often used even for nursery designs. Therefore, you can rely on Ekip Grass, which is a synthetic turf manufacturer, and buy both quality and affordable artificial turf products.

Who manufactures artificial grass?


The best answer to the question of where to buy artificial grass is Ekip Grass. Ekip Grass is a very successful artificial grass manufacturer company in the grass industry with a superior experience. By examining the artificial turf models and artificial grass carpet field projects on our website, you can see that we do our job with great dedication. So, what are the prices of artificial turf? Artificial turf prices vary depending on the height of the bark of artificial grass, the area to be used, and the infrastructure works. Therefore, you just need to contact our company to get detailed information about artificial turf prices.

Artificial Grass Prices
landscape turf installation

If you are searching for ‘’how much is artificial grass?’’ the answer is changeable.

Artificial grass prices vary depending on the area where it will be used. For example, the prices of artificial turf you will use for the garden and the prices of artificial turf are different from each other. Therefore, after determining the artificial grass usage area, you can get detailed information about artificial grass prices by contacting our team.

Artificial grass prices suitable for every budget are offered to you by our company. Are you ready to create decorative areas with wonderful artificial grass models? Then contact us quickly and get detailed information about advantageous artificial grass carpet prices.

Which artificial grass is best to buy?


It changes the purpose of using areas of artificial grass. So;

If you plan to purchase artificial turf for carpet fields, you should choose an artificial turf of at least 30 mm and a maximum of 60 mm thick. The thicknesses in these ranges are sufficient thicknesses for a carpet step. You can also choose a thicker artificial grass depending on the frequency of use of your mat.

If you plan to purchase artificial grass for landscaping, then, of course, one should pay attention to its thickness. For example, the thickness of the artificial grass that you need to take for the arrangement of the garden is less than that of the artificial grass for the carpet field. For example, artificial grass between 10 mm and 20 mm is suitable for garden landscaping.

Best Artificial Grass

Hand holding an artificial grass roll. Greenering with an artificial turf.

The best artificial grass should have the properties and features below; Buy the best artificial grass using this information below;

  • Make sure that the artificial grass is resistant to UV rays.

The artificial grass we produce under the name Ekip Grass is resistant to UV rays and sunlight. The reason is to avoid discoloration of artificial turf over time. The biggest problem encountered in natural grass is that its color fades and wears out over time. Depending on the sun’s Rays, this process progresses rapidly on natural grass, and natural grass can disappear in a short time.

Artificial grass is such a user-friendly product by eliminates such a big problem.

  • Artificial grass has no irrigation and maintenance costs.

Even if we put aside all the advantages of artificial grass, we can not ignore the lack of watering and maintenance costs. It’s a huge technology. If the natural grass is not watered, it quickly fades and dies. However, artificial grass (except in very hot weather) does not need watering. It is a great advantage to use our natural resources more efficiently in a world where water scarcity is felt. Therefore, the use of artificial grass should become widespread.

Note: the only thing to consider in the maintenance of artificial turf is the renewal of pellet filling every 6 months. When artificial grass is made first, a granular filling is added to the soil, and thanks to this filling, the artificial grass soil becomes flat and smooth. There is no recess on the ground. Over time, these granules may decrease depending on-field use. By providing pellets every 6 months, you can increase the life of your site.

  • Pay attention to the color of artificial grass.

Depending on the demand of customers, artificial turf is produced in different shades of green. The important point is the durability of the color after the production of the desired color. The color of quality artificial grass will not fade over time. For this reason, you can enjoy quality artificial grass by preferring Ekip Grass.

  • Make sure that no materials harmful to health are used in the manufacture of artificial turf.

This is a very important question. Our children, our pets, or we can use artificial grass. Therefore, it should not be used in materials harmful to health.

As Ekip Grass, we must affirm that our artificial grass is made of materials that are harmless to health and completely environmentally friendly. Synthetic grass made from recyclable materials does not contain any carcinogenic substances and does not contain toxic chemicals. So you can choose with serenity in the gardens of your homes, sports clubs, parks or cafes.

Artificial Grass Near me


After deciding which artificial grass to buy, you probably started to research the nearest artificial turf manufacturer. Artificial turf manufacturers are located in all countries of the world and they all produce products of different quality. As Ekip Grass, we supply artificial china from Turkey to every region of the world. At this point, we serve you as an artificial grass supplier and manufacturer. If you are looking for artificial grass near me just contact Ekip Grass.

Artificial Grass Cost

artificial turf cost

The cost of artificial turf varies depending on the materials used in the production of artificial turf. Artificial grass is priced according to its quality as in every sector. Poor quality artificial grass has a cheaper price, quality artificial grass has a higher price. At Ekip Grass Company, we have 10 different turf types. All of them are of first-class quality and can endure for long years. They have different features according to different purposes. Some of them are ideal for golf fields and some for football fields. If you want to have more information about our products and find the best solution for your needs, please feel free to reach us on our phone +90 212 378 74 00. Or you can reach us from our website to learn the cost of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass for dogs and pets

artificial grass pets

There are artificial grass models specially produced for pets. Like other artificial grass varieties, these artificial grass do not harm both people and animals. Artificial grass, which is specially produced for animals, has a stain-proof feature. In addition, an area is reserved for the animals to defecate during the installation. In this way, both the artificial grass ground is not polluted and the animals are more in contact with their natural environment. For example, dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass. You don’t have to clean up dog pee on artificial turf. Because the dog pee will flow through the drainage channels. Animal feces will be easily cleaned from the floor just like rainwater. If you want to buy artificial grass for dogs, all you have to do is contact us.

How to clean artificial grass?

clean artificial grass

Artificial Grass Cleaning Guide in 4 Steps

  1. Trim your artificial turf with the help of a brush or rake.
  2. Remove debris such as leaves, cigarette butts, or stones from the artificial turf surface.
  3. If weeds have formed, cut them.
  4. Make granule reinforcement on the artificial turf ground and rake it and ensure that the ground is level.

Artificial turf is that easy to clean. Because artificial grass does not stain and does not fade over time. You do not need to spend long hours for artificial turf cleaning like natural grass.

Materials required for artificial grass cleaning;

  • Harrow or brush
  • Leaf cleaner (leaf blower)
  • Granule or silica sand

Step 1: Trim your artificial turf with the help of a brush or rake.

With the help of a plastic rake, you can clean the excess and waste on the artificial turf surface. When cleaning with a rake on grass, always apply the rake in the same direction. In this way, your artificial turf will look more orderly. Do not use a metal rake, because it could be harmful to your grass.

Step 2: Remove debris such as leaves, cigarette butts, or stones from the artificial turf surface.

At this stage, you can collect the waste and leaves accumulated on artificial turf in a single corner by using a leaf blower. In addition, you can collect these wastes manually. This process will be faster and easier with the Fakar leaf blower.

Step 3: If weeds have formed, cut and kill them.

The easiest way to remove weeds for your garden is to use killer agents. In this way, no more weeds will grow in your garden.

Step 4: Make granule reinforcement on the artificial turf ground and rake it and ensure that the ground is level.

For the artificial turf surface to be smooth, the sand or granules used in the initial setup phase will decrease over time. Consequently, the balance of the ground may be disturbed. You can also level the ground using whatever material is used in the artificial grass installation. Granule or silica sand!

Maintenance of Artificial Grass

Maintenance of Artificial Grass

The maintenance of artificial grass is so easy.

Weekly artificial grass maintenance

For the lawn carpet made in the garden, short-term irrigation once a week will be sufficient. When cleaning decorative grass and landscapes; spraying with a hose; also allows the removal of dust and other small residues that accumulate in the grass carpet.

Monthly artificial grass maintenance

A more comprehensive monthly lawn carpet maintenance; Makes your lawn look greener, cleaner, and healthier. Monthly artificial turf maintenance; will be enough to remove dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris. A flexible rake, broom, or stiff brush can be used for cleaning. Cleaning your lawn this way is an important way to keep each rope in an upright position. After you have completely cleaned your lawn, you may notice that it does not stand upright as you wish. To prevent this, you can use a broom or brush to trim the grass.

Artificial Grass Ideas

You can see the artificial grass ideas for your home garden, sports fields, and landscaping below pictures. Here are the best artificial grass ideas and samples for you!

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