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What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass Football Pitch at Schools?

The artificial grass industry and technology have come a long way until their invention in the 1960s. And today, there are FIFA level certification and approval of artificial grass. The most important reason for these FIFA-approved artificial turf fields is the advantages when we compare them with natural grass. So, it is a choice for not only professional or amateur football clubs but also fewer cost small applications. As manufacturing techniques improved, artificial grass products became cheaper.

School, College and University Football Pitch Installation

Not longer than 10 or 20 years ago, artificial football pitches for schools were a little bit expensive issue. So it was a privilege for only a couple of special colleges and schools. But today, as artificial grass became cheaper, small football fields for ordinary high schools became more possible.

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Beyond all these, today;

  • Life standards and expectations are growing,
  • Modern lifestyle in big cities decreased the daily movement amount drastically which brought healthcare problems,
  • New generation young person’s addiction to electronic devices has become an important issue,
  • Fast and unorganized urbanization decreased the amount and quality of parks, playgrounds, and natural sports fields.

Because of these and many more similar reasons, kids are getting away from sports activities day by day. So, as responsible parents, we should encourage our kids to do sports activities more.

So, how to canalize kids and teenagers to sports more? Of course, there are some sports clubs and special training centers for this purpose. But not all kids have these opportunities. On the other hand, kids spend most of their time at school. So, schools are the most ideal places to lead them in sports. As football is the most favorite sport for the kids, artificial grass football pitch becomes essential for schools.

How to Construct Artificial Grass Football Pitch at Schools?

Artificial Grass Football Pitch at Schools

So how to construct artificial football fields at schools? What are the benefits of these fields? As Ekip Sports Company, the best artificial sports turf manufacturer company of Turkey,  today we will give valuable information about artificial grass football fields.

Constructing artificial grass field steps are in general explanation as;

  • Excavating the foundation,
  • Preparing the infrastructure for the football field,
  • Setting the electricity, irrigation, water, drainage, lighting, and other installations,
  • Filling and compacting the foundation with proper material according to the project,
  • After preparing the surface, laying artificial grass turf like a carpet,
  • Applying infill material,
  • Brushing the infill material,
  • Installing fence systems around the field,
  • Placing proper lighting equipment,
  • Placing goal posts and scoreboard,
  • Drawing field lines and preparing the field for use.

So, what are the benefits of artificial grass mini football fields at schools? Now we will talk about these.

Advantages of Mini Football Fields at Schools

Mini Football Fields at Schools

Actually, the features of the football fields we have mentioned above are also the advantages them. The most important benefits of fields are;

  • The structure of artificial grass fields are very suitable for growing children for sports activities,
  • Performance increasing effect and protective feature against sports injuries of artificial grass increase kids’ confidence and love of sports,
  • Kids will play football more safely under the surveillance of their teachers and trainers at school,
  • These fields will provide equality of opportunity for especially low-income families’ children,
  • These fields provide a maximum benefit-cost ratio with low maintenance costs for the schools. Kids will have the chance to make beneficial activities at lower prices.

Actually, there are many more benefits of artificial grass football pitches at schools. As Ekip Sports Company, we keep them in our minds and try to find more answers to the question “What can we do to make better artificial grass fields for the schools?“. And we try to improve ourselves more all the time. So, we provide all the necessary materials, equipment, and labor at the highest quality level for school sports fields. You can reach us for more information and assistance at any time.

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