Artificial Grass F.A.Q. Guide 2020

How much does it cost to install artificial grass?

Artificial grass is the most widely used material in football and landscape fields today. Accordingly, many different models of artificial turf have been created. That is different from the artificial turf used when playing football. The landscape is different from artificial turf to be used in the field. Particularly, the thickness of artificial turf varies according to the area used. Therefore, the installation cost varies. Also artificial grass used in indoor and outdoor carpet pitches especially football, tennis, paintball, baseball etc.

As Ekip Sport, we produce the best artificial turf and make it installation to your facility.  The quality of artificial grass is so importand for a carpet pitch. It provides more quality game. And it is healtier than natural turf surfaces. Because the injuring risky is so low.

Today, there are many artificial turf manufacturers and assemblers. As Ekip Sport, we are well-known in the world for artificial turf production. Our high quality artificial turf is resistant to sunlight and fire. It also has a very long life. Artificial turf installation costs vary depending on the thickness of the artificial turf and the size of the area to be used.

Contact Ekip Sport for more information on artificial grass installation costs.

The important point here is the soil structure. In clay soil, the soil softened by irrigation is squeezed on the grass and in hot weather it dries in this way and causes the death of the roots by squeezing the grass roots. Since the water retention rate is high, it causes more fungal diseases in sunny areas and algae in shadow areas. Therefore, the ideal soil structure for grass is sandy and loamy soils. Required soil applications (drainage, irrigation system, electricity - natural gas pipes, etc.) must be completed before the soil in this structure is laid in the garden or pitches. At the end of the infrastructure, the soil is laid and watered abundantly, and a light roller is used to compress it. In the application area, necessary leveling works are done and the soil is compacted again by watering and soil preparation is completed.

Fertilization is essential for artificial grass. It should never be forgotten that animal fertilizers should never be used. Although animal fertilizers are kept for a long time to burn, weed seeds do not die completely. Since the irrigation application will be done with the grass application, the seeds in the fertilizer immediately sprout and cause unwanted images in the grass area, while they compete with the grass plant and prevent the development of the grass. Therefore, slow release fertilizers should be preferred instead of organic based fertilizers. When slow release fertilizers are applied once, it is effective for 2-3 months and since it strengthens the root structures of the grass, it contributes to the appearance of your lawn like a carpet.

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Yes, cats and dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass. But cleaning is quite easy. Artificial turf does not wear out easily and wear like natural turf. Therefore, artificial turf is preferred especially in villas and garden houses. So here the quality of the lawn is very important. If your artificial turf is of good quality and durable, your cats and dogs cannot harm artificial turf. That is why pet owners should definitely choose artificial grass in their garden.

Artificial grass also does not harm animals because it is antibacterial and comfortable. If you have a pet and you are about to choose grass for your home garden, you should definitely choose artificial grass.

As Ekip Sport, we produce the most suitable grass models for your homes and sports fields. Our artificial turf is produced in a robust way with the quality yarns we use in production. For more information, please contact us.

Why do you have to put sand on artificial grass?

In the first maintenance phase, you can see that the sand and granule filling laid on the field should be laid more and more. In time, the filling level will settle and reach a healthy point in 1-2 months.

After artificial turf construction, Ekip Sport recommends brushing every 10 days for 3 months. In this way, the first step will be taken in order to extend its life by making it more alive and alive. You can think of the risk that the roots of trees close to the field will be reflected in the field and that the roots can damage the field with unstoppable force from the ground. In this respect, it would be a much wiser approach to install it away from the trees in the field installation.

Ekip is affected by extreme temperatures. It recommends watering your artificial turf, which is exposed to a temperature of 40 degrees or more, especially in the summer months with rainy irrigation system in order to reduce the heat. Otherwise, the structure of artificial turf will deteriorate, life will be reduced and deterioration will begin. If these practices recommended by our company are performed on time and correctly, you can have a healthy artificial grass for a minimum of 6 years to a maximum of 15 years. Otherwise, minor deteriorations will eventually lead to greater wear.

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