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Artificial Grass Crampon Recommendation for Carpet Pitch

Artificial Grass Crampon Recommendation for Carpet Pitch

Football field equipment is important for better quality and safe playing of soccer. Therefore, especially those who like to play football on the carpet pitch, they should choose crampons or astroturf shoes that are suitable for the astroturf turf. You don’t want to get injured because of the wrong shoes while playing football with your friends. That’s why you can review our artificial turf crampon recommendation for astroturf turf.

In your mind, do you think artificial grass crampons are suitable for the astroturf? We know that there are many questions like whether to wear spiked cleats on artificial grass. Below you can see what you need to pay attention to when choosing the most suitable football boots for the carpet pitch.

Ekip Grass is Turkey’s best FIFA-approved artificial turf manufacturer and carpet pitch construction company. Our company, which has devoted itself to football, has prepared the most suitable football boots for you. By reviewing our content, you can buy the right astroturf shoes.

Is artificial turf soccer shoes suitable for carpet pitch?

synthetic grass carpet shoes

Today, carpet pitches are made from artificial grass. Artificial turf astroturf pitches enable football to be played on safer and more solid ground. That’s why when choosing astroturf football boots, you should research whether it is suitable for artificial turf grounds. The shoes sold for the artificial turf carpet pitch should be suitable for the field floor and prevent slipping. Since synthetic turf football fields have less slippery floors, choosing cleats is easier.

The football field floor is not as soft as natural grass. With its hard and flexible structure, it enables the football to be played on a comfortable surface. That’s why when choosing astroturf shoes, you should choose flexible and high-soled crampons. If you are going to wear artificial grass boots on the carpet pitch, you should choose soft, wide, and short-toothed boots. You can also use artificial turf boots without nails, whose sole designs are specially produced. Close-toothed silicone-soled astroturf shoes can be used as artificial turf boots.

Are spiked cleats worn on artificial turf?

When making artificial turf, the ground is fixed with big rollers. This creates the ideal ground for wearing spiked boots. On artificial turf, you can wear wide and short spiked rubber boots. These soft and flexible cleats increase your football performance by making it easier to grip the ball.

One of the most important features that you should pay attention to when choosing astroturf shoes is the suitability of the shoes for the field floor. You need to know what AG carpet field shoes and FG field shoes mean in this context.

What are AG and FG Soccer Shoes?

AG and FG Shoes

When choosing astroturf shoes, you come across two types of shoes, AG and FG. These statements are related to which ground the carpet field shoes are suitable for. When buying artificial grass boots and astroturf shoes, you should know what the AG and FG phrases are. Accordingly, AG shoes are suitable for use on artificial turf fields, while FG shoes are suitable for use on natural grass fields.

Below, we have listed the 5 features that you should consider when buying artificial turf football boots for astroturf turf;

  1. AG artificial turf astroturf shoes
  2. Wide spikes
  3. Short spikes
  4. Rubber sole
  5. Soft and flexible sole

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