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Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Artificial Grass; It is a type of grass that is frequently used in sports field construction and landscaping applications instead of natural grass. Artificial turf, which can be produced with different features according to the area to be used, is very advantageous. Synthetic grass, which is a more durable and quality product when compared to natural grass, is a very profitable investment for facility owners.

Artificial grass has many different names. For example, synthetic grass, artificial turf, fake grass, fake turf, and so on…

So why is artificial grass preferred instead of natural grass? What are the advantages of artificial turf? Here is the artificial grass buying guide…

Artificial Grass for Football


Artificial Grass For Landscaping


Advantages of Artificial Grass

Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • Artificial turf is more economical when compared to natural turf because its maintenance cost is very low.
  • It is resistant to bad weather conditions. In this way, carpet pitches that are open for 4 seasons can be used.
  • Artificial grass is a product that does not fade over time. Since it is produced as resistant to UV rays, it is not affected by sun rays.
  • Artificial grass does not require continuous irrigation like natural grass. In this way, the maintenance cost is low.
  • Artificial turf is safer in terms of athletes’ health. Because artificial grass floors are floors with reduced slipperiness. Therefore, the risk of injury is very low.
  • Toxic chemicals that will harm human health are not used while producing artificial turf.
  • It is an athlete-friendly, environment-friendly, and animal-friendly product.

As you can see, it is a product that can be preferred with peace of mind when considering the advantages of artificial grass. Today, it has been revealed that the profitability rate of the facility owners who use artificial turf astroturf instead of natural turf astroturf is higher.

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What Should Look for when buying artificial grass?

When purchasing artificial turf, the quality, service life, and pile height of the artificial turf should be considered. You will buy landscape artificial grass. You should buy artificial grass between 20cm and 30cm. If you are going to buy football artificial turf, you should buy a minimum of 40 cm artificial turf.

What is the best thickness for artificial grass?

For a football field, the height of the artificial turf pile should be a minimum of 40 cm and a maximum of 60 cm. Artificial turf below 40cm is not suitable for football. The ideal artificial grass carpet is 55cm.

Best Artificial Grass in 2022

Ekip Grass serves you 24/7 as the best artificial grass manufacturer in Turkey. We have domestic and international carpet pitch installation services. Carpet pitch installation is a process that must be done meticulously. Organizations such as infrastructure works, excavation works, artificial turf laying, carpet field lighting should be well managed. At Ekip Grass, we make turnkey carpet pitch installation for you.

Many companies manufacture artificial turf. But the important thing here is to buy quality artificial turf. If you want to buy quality artificial turf, you are in the right place. As Ekip Grass, the artificial turf we produce using the latest technological devices is a very successful type of ground in the areas where it is applied.

In particular, we experience the joy of applying our Star Grass and Zeus Grass products, which are artificial turf types, on many different carpet pitches. In addition to this, we also offer you our Multi Grass products that we produce for multi-purpose sports fields. Depending on the functionality of the carpet pitch, you can choose our artificial turf varieties with different pile heights. You can get detailed information about artificial grass types by examining the artificial grass category on our website.

Is Artificial Grass Easy to Maintain?

Is Artificial Grass Easy to Maintain

Artificial turf maintenance is very easy and cost-effective. The most important thing required for artificial turf maintenance is to add granules to the field every 3-4 months. Because the granules are dispersed at different rates on the field surface as there is continuous movement on the ground. With the granule reinforcement, the artificial grass ground is smoothed and becomes ready for use again.

In addition, carpet pitches should be watered in very hot weather. Artificial grass may stretch if exposed to sunlight for too long. Therefore, in very hot weather, it will be enough to cool the artificial grass a little.

Finally, artificial turf maintenance is completed when wastes such as stones, cigarette butts, and leaves accumulated on the field surface are cleaned.

We stated that as Ekip Grass, we produce many different types of artificial turf. So what are the types of artificial grass?

What are Artificial Grass Types?

There are many different types of artificial turf. Because artificial turf is produced differently for carpet pitches and landscaping applications. Here, it is very important how often the floor will be used and for what purpose it will be used.

You can see the types of artificial grass below.

  1. Astroturf artificial turf

As we mentioned above, artificial turf increases the service life of carpet pitches and helps to do sports on safer ground. Therefore, artificial turf should be preferred.

You can also get information about our FIFA-approved artificial turf products by contacting us after viewing our website.

  1. Landscape artificial grass

Landscape Artificial Grass, on the other hand, is the artificial turf that is generally used in areas such as gardens, balconies, playgrounds. This Landscape artificial grass and sports field artificial grass are different from each other. For example, landscape artificial turf has a thinner structure than artificial turf. Usually, the pile height is not too high.

If you want the gardens to look more beautiful in both the summer and winter months, all you have to do is choose artificial grass for the landscape. You can have a better time in your garden with landscape artificial grass, which has a natural grass appearance thanks to its aesthetic structure.

Artificial turf prices vary depending on the features mentioned above. For example, landscape artificial turf prices and artificial turf prices are different from each other.

Now you have read the artificial grass buying guide and you know how to buy artificial grass.

Hope you like our artificial grass buying guide.

Artificial Grass For Your Budget

Are you looking for artificial grass according to your budget? Then you are in the right place. Do not forget to set a budget when buying artificial turf. Artificial grass cost will determine according to your budget. Ekip Grass serves with artificial grass models suitable for your budget. We have a special synthetic turf model for every sports field and landscaping application. You can review our website for synthetic grass varieties.

You can get the most accurate information about artificial grass prices by contacting us. If you want to have a quality carpet pitch, all you have to do is call us. Wouldn’t you like to buy quality artificial turf at affordable prices? Call us now…

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